Vermillion police to participate in ‘Seatbelts Save Lives’ campaign

Vermillion police to participate in 'Seatbelts Save Lives' campaign In 2003, South Dakota had 203 fatalities caused by motor vehicle crashes. Annually, this is the highest number of fatalities on South Dakota roadways since 1980.

Of the 203 fatalities, 88 persons were either totally or partially ejected from their vehicle during the crash. Fifty percent of the occupants ejected from their vehicle were killed. Multiple studies show your best chance of surviving a crash is to be properly secured in a safety device that keeps you in the vehicle.

Over 145 South Dakota law enforcement agencies, including the Vermillion Police Department, have agreed to conduct high visibility enforcement campaigns from May 24 through June 6, to enhance public awareness that "Seatbelts Save Lives."

Vermillion Police Chief Art Mabry said, "It's unfortunate that, although the wearing of seatbelts has proven to be a life saver in an accident, people continue to refuse to use them. However, failure to wear a seatbelt is against the law in South Dakota. We will enforce this law because it's the best proven way to save lives."

Because seat belt usage saves lives, the Vermillion Police Department will continue strictly enforcing seat belt and child passenger restraint violations after the "Seatbelts Save Lives" campaign is completed.

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