Vermillion Police warn of Internet scam

Vermillion Police warn of Internet scam The Vermillion Police Department is cautioning citizens to beware of an Internet scam involving the selling of cars and motorcycles. The department has investigated two of these scams over the past six months.

In each case a citizen advertised a vehicle for sale on the Internet. A buyer contacted the seller via e-mail and agreed to the asking price. The buyer later contacted the seller stating that his creditor, who was based in Canada, would be sending a cashier's check in an amount that was four times the asking price of the vehicle. The seller was to cash the check and keep the amount owed for the vehicle and send the remaining amount to a shipper located in Canada.

The seller received a cashier's check from a Canadian bank for the larger amount. Although the check appeared to be legitimate, the investigation revealed it was an unauthorized check.

Vermillion Chief of Police Art Mabry said, "Honest citizens are being used to unwittingly launder money for a criminal organization currently operating out of Canada. This is a case of seller beware. If the seller deposits the fraudulent check and forwards the money to Canada, they may be responsible for restitution to their bank."

The Vermillion Police Department is working with Canadian law enforcement in an effort to resolve this scam. In the meantime, the department cautions citizens to be very careful when making financial transactions with unknown individuals, especially on the Internet.

Anyone who has experienced a similar incident and hasn't reported it should contact the Vermillion Police Department at 677-7070.

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