Advisory Brief

Advisory Brief By Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee members Rich Braunstein, Dennis Zimmerman, Bob Fuller, Howard Willson, Jill LeCates, Neil Melby, Jim Green, Larry Brady and Jim Patrick held their June 8 meeting at city hall. Lloyd Rowland, Ted Muenster and Nikki Peters were absent.

Committee members discussed the return rate on our citizens' survey that was sent out in May's City Newsletter. Consensus was that we would continue to accept the surveys and committee members would distribute surveys to individuals still looking to fill them out.

This survey is our first initial fact finding survey from the citizens of Vermillion and we will use this along with focus group comments and results from the public forums to formulate a recommendation to the city council.

We are excited about the feedback we are getting and look forward to hosting a public meeting in the near future. If you did not receive a copy of the survey in your monthly newsletter, please stop down at the city hall and fill one out. The more people that respond, the more valuable the results become.

In the meeting, Rich Braunstein reported back to the committee on his meeting with Mayor-Elect Christopherson. The mayor noted his full support for the committee's deliberations and effort to fully engage public opinion and public needs in making its recommendation to the city council.

In additional action, Owen Mamura of Cannon, Mamura, Moss & Brygger presented a DRAFT overview of city hall space planning survey needs. Approximately 10 city department heads filled out the survey. Department leaders were asked to complete the survey providing input on what their actual size needs are, what their future expansion plan needs are (when appropriate) and general questions with how shared space is utilized within their departments.

This survey is yet another piece of fact finding information the committee is using to help assess all city hall options.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. June 22, at city hall. We will be inviting members of the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company to attend and engage in a discussion with the committee members as to the role the community image and the appearance of city hall plays in recruiting new business to Vermillion. The public is welcome to attend.

If you would like a copy of the full meeting minutes, please contact Jim Patrick at the city offices. We appreciate and encourage any feedback you may have regarding this issue.

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