Awards Day recognizes VHS students

Awards Day recognizes VHS students The accomplishments of Vermillion High School students were recognized May 4 at an Awards Day assembly.

Awards that were presented and their recipients were:

Rawlins Scholarship, Sarah Roetman.

John T. Vucurevich Scholarship, Adam Brunick, Colin Eilts.

Broadcaster Scholarship, Corianne Bazemore.

Girls State, Samantha Brown.

Promise Scholarship, Adam Brunick, Brian Varns, Daniel Smart, Ellen Kennedy, Erin Tracy, Noelle Harden, Samantha Brown, Taiana Hayes, Xaviera Paz Flores, Colin Eilts.

Opportunity Scholarship, Kellen Cusick.

The Holter Scholarship, Taiana Hayes.

Sertoma Scholarship, Corianne Bazemore, Sarah Roetman.

Scholastic Excellence Award, Zach Holoch and Colette Joy.

Distinguished Athlete Award, Brittney Gilkyson and Jared Burcham.

"Semper Fedilis" Award, Jessica Leffers and Paul Abourezk.

Eye Care Eye Wear Scholarship, Kaia Nelson.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Awards, Adam Brunick and Theresa Ring.

First National Bank Directors' Scholarship, Sarah Roetman.

Air Force Math/Science Award, Nathan Boots.

American Legion Citizenship Awards, Mitch Bierle and Heather Heine.

Yankton Medical Clinic, Justin Manning.

ROTC Scholarships, Brittney Gilkyson � Arizona State; Brian Varns, USD.

Rotary Club Scholarship, Sarah Roetman.

Steve Merrigan Memorial Scholarship, Justin Manning.

Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Colette Joy.

Vermillion Retired Teachers Scholarship, Taiana Hayes.

Clay County Elephant Club Scholarship, Jared Burcham.

Lions Club Scholarship, Justin Manning.

Clay County Youth Trust Scholarships, Zach Holoch and Ellen Kennedy.

Herbert & Lauretta Holoch Memorial Scholarship, Nichole Nelson.

Vermillion Civic Council Salute to Volunteers Award, Mitch Bierle and Colette Joy.

Laura Brunick Memorial Scholarship, Jared Burcham.

Vermillion Realtor's Scholarship, Kayla Mollet.

Clay County Electric Scholarship, Lindsey Isaacson.

Catholic Daughters Scholarship, Theresa Ring and Kendra Gottsleben.

Denim for Dollars, Jared Burcham, Colin Eilts, Kaia Nelson, Brittney Gilkyson.

Yearbook Awards, Kathleen Redlin and Sarah Merrigan.

Quarterback Club, Kellen Cusick and Paul Hugo.

Donald O'Connor Memorial Wrestling Award, Andy Hayner.

Dennis Helseth Memorial Football Award, Collin Prosser.

VEA Education Scholarship, Sarah Merrigan.

Student Council Award, Kathleen Redlin.

Retirement Appreciation, Dr. Rober Mayer and Larry Anthofer.

National Merit Finalist, Geng Wang.

Bill O'Keefe Memorial Academic All State Award, Zach Holoch.

First National Bank Directors' and South Dakota Bankers Foundation Scholarship ($1,000 Award), Sarah Roetman.

First National Bank Student of the Month Scholarships ($100 Awards), Jared Burcham, Holly Heaton, Colette Joy, Justin Manning, Cori Bazemore, B.J. Campbell, Andy Hayner, Lindsey Isaacson, Adam Brunick, Sarah Merrigan, Heather Heine, Collin Prosser, Zachary Holoch, Kathleen Redlin, Nichole Nelson and Nathan Boots.

Class of 2004

Vermillion High School

Honors Program

Mitch Bierle, Nathan Boots, Samantha Brown, Adam Brunick, Jared Burcham, Robert Campbell, Nelson Chang, Kellen Cusick, Colin Eilts, Xaviera Flores, Brittney Gilkyson, Kendra Gottsleben, Sarah Gregg, Noelle Harden, Taiana Hayes, Holly Heaton, Heather Heine, Zachary Holoch, Lindsey Isaacson, Colette Joy, Whitney Lawrence, Jessica Leffers, Justin Manning, Cassie McBride, Sarah Merrigan, Jordan Meyer, Kayla Mollet, Kaia Nelson, Nicole Nelson, Kathleen Redlin, Theresa Ring, Sarah Roetman, Alisa Schamber, Nathan Scheidel, Leslee Sell, Brian Varns, Geng Wang and David Yutrzenka.

Regents' Scholars

Adam L. Brunick, Alisa R. Schamber, Colette C. Joy, Colin C. Eilts, David A. Yutrzenka, Geng Wang, Heather J. Heine, Jared L. Burcham, Jordan L. Meyer, Kayla A. Mollet, Leslee A. Sell, Nathan D. Boots, Nathan R. Scheidel, Nelson C. Chang, Nichole M. Nelson, Robert L. Campbell, Sarah R. Merrigan, Taiana S. Hayes, Theresa M. Ring, Tyler J. Brown, Xaviera P. Flores Schmied and Zachary L. Holoch.

Peer Tutors

Adam Brunick, Jared Burcham, Colin Eilts, Taiana Hayes, Heather Heine, Whitney Lawrence, Mallory Papke, Sarah Roetman and Leslee Sell.

Miscellaneous Awards

Tyler Brown � Wayne State College � Academic $2,500; Athletic $500.

Xaviera Flores � University of Nebraska Lincoln � New Nebraskan Scholarship for $22,416 for four years; UNL Honors Scholarship � pays for books and part of honors program; Summer Institute for Promising Scholars � Pays full tuition, room and board for summer courses plus $1,000 for first year at UNL.

Brittney Gilkyson � Sun Devil Scholarship � $5,000/yr.

Taiana Hayes � PIMCO South Dakota Scholarship Program � $2,000/yr for up to four years.

Lindsey Isaacson � Cornell College � Trustee Scholarship for Grades/Merit � $60,000 over four years; Horace Alden Miller Music Award � $20,000 over four years.

Colette Joy � Elks Lodge in Yankton � awarded $300, forwarded to the state/national competition where 500 kids across the nation get an award, she was 494 that was awarded $4,000 over four years.

Justin Manning � Tom Steele Memorial Scholarship, $1,000.

Michelle Rydell � Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarship � is a $2,500 state Gold IV award winner in the Arts & Humanities Studies.

Geng Wang � University of Iowa � Presidential Scholarship $7,000/year total $28,000; Michigan State University Merit Scholarship.

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