Girls U-18 Magic has early 2-2 record

Girls U-18 Magic has early 2-2 record by Jim Prosser This is an update of the U-18 "Magic" Vermillion softball games played on Tuesday and Thursday, June 1 and 3.

Irene hosted the Magic in a doubleheader June 1.

The first game was a six-inning affair which the Magic won 7-4 when they scored three runs in the final inning to give pitcher Sonja Merrigan the victory.

Scoring for Vermillion were: Britt Weydert; Sarah Gregg, Theresa Ring, Jena Mulder, Whitney Lawrence, Kayla Mollet, Ashley Hofer, and Morgan Brooks � one run each. Weydert was 2 for 3 batting; Gregg had an RBI, as did Ring; Mollet was 2 for 4 at bats, one RBI.

Game two was a different matter as Irene clobbered the visitors 17-6. The losing pitcher was Sarah Christopherson.

Except for the first inning when the Magic plated five runs, Irene dominated the rest of the game.

Vermillion stats include: Brooks � two runs on 1 for 2 hits; Gregg, Merrigan, Hofer, and Lawrence each scored a run.

On June 3, the Magic played Yankton Echo at Riverside Park in Yankton where they split a DH winning 5-4 after a 10-9 first game heartbreaker loss.

Merrigan took the loss when Yankton Echo scored twice in the final inning to claim the squeaker. Brooks scored two runs; Weydert, Gregg, Ring, Christopherson, Lawrence, Mollet, and Merrigan each scored once; Weydert went 4 for 4 batting and Christopherson was 2 for 2 to account for more than half of the team's 10 hits.

Game two: WP � Christopherson. Scoring stats: Weydert, Ring, Christopherson, Lawrence, Mollet, and Merrigan each scored once with Merrigan's run determining the win, as Ring got the rbi.

Early season record: 2-2.

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