Herbal remedies on On Call

Herbal remedies on On Call The June 6 edition of On Call deals with herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

"There is a lot of information on herbal remedies out there, both good and bad. We'll work to help our viewers sort through the facts," said On Call producer and host Lindsey Meyers.

Meyers and On Call Medical Editor Dr. Rick Holm will cover the issues with guest Dr. Michael Elston, medical director at Western Health in Rapid City.

On Call is a weekly program about medicine on South Dakota Public Television. The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service produces the program, which is broadcast at 4:30 p.m. on South Dakota Public Television.

The topic of the June 13 show will be impotence. Viewers can call

1-888-DrOnCall (1-888-376-6225) with questions for the program any time of

day. Or submit questions through the On Call" Web site,


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One Response to Herbal remedies on On Call

  1. Are these just traditional M.D. doctors on the show? No doctors who actually deal with natural medicine? Seems like it’ll be one sided, that way. Would be better if the show got some guest speakers who were well versed in natural based medicines.

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