Irish play in Yankton Softball Tournament

Irish play in Yankton Softball Tournament by Jim Prosser The Vermillion U-18 Irish softball team entered the 2004 Yankton Softball Tournament played June 19-20 at the Sertoma complex in Yankton.

This is a report of the three games played on Saturday, followed by two Sunday games.

The first game was against JFI (Canton) and Vermillion had a one-run lead going into the third inning. Canton came up with two runs and the Irish tied the score in the top of the fourth inning, but the bottom of the inning was a disaster for the visiting team as JFI accumulated eight runs coming on 6 six hits and a couple errors.

Vermillion came up with a run in the final stanza but it was not enough to stop the major lead rule to be used.

Whitney Tolsma was the losing pitcher and the line score was: JFI � 10 runs, 8 hits 1 error, 6 lob; Vermillion � 3 runs, 8 hits, 4 error 3 lob.

Scoring for Vermillion were: Erin Corner � 1 for 1, one run; Tolsma � 3 for 3, one run, one rbi; and Brittney Campbell � 1 for 2, one run. Alisha O'Connor went 1 for 3 with one RBI.

Game 2 was a turnaround for Tolsma as she shut down the Sioux Falls Vipers, scattering seven hits and allowing three runs in what became another laugher for an Irish win 12-3.

Line score: Vermillion � 12 R, 14 H, 6 E, 9 LOB; SF Vipers � 3 R, 7 H, 3 E, 7 LOB.

The offensive stats include: Corner � 1 for 2, two runs; Kelsie Austin � three runs on 3 for 2 hits, two runs; Alisha O'Connor � 3 for 4, three runs, one rbi; Heather Walker � 2 for 3, two runs, two RBIs; Tolsma � 3 for 4, two runs, three RBIs; Paige Prosser � 1 for 3, one run; Brook Nelson � 1 for 3, one rbi; and Megan Deaver � 1 for 3, one rbi.

Game three was a rain-shortened competition between two U-18 teams from Yankton and Vermillion. Tolsma started her third game of the day for the Irish, and took a one-run lead into the fourth inning when inexplicably she "ran out of gas," and before the onslaught ended, eight runs had crossed the plate.

Relief pitchers were, in order, Erin Corner, Brittney Campbell, and Brittnay Bye. The damage was done and though the offense made a valiant stab by scoring five runs before the rains came and the game had to be called with the Yankton River City Flyers winning 9-6.

Vermillion's offensive stats are not too bad! Kelsie Austin went 1 for 3, one run; Alisha O'Connor was 2 for 3, two runs, two RBIs; Whitney Tolsma � 2 for 3, one run, one RBI; Heather Walker � 2 for 2, one run, one RBI; Bye and Deaver each scored once, and Prosser was credited with an rbi on a groundout play.

The showers continued into the night and the games scheduled for Saturday evening had to be rescheduled to Sunday. The result was a crowded June 20 tournament schedule (with over 25 teams participating, it was necessary to invoke a time limit for each game. )

That restriction didn't bother the Vermillion Irish team in their fourth game of the tourney when they dominated the U-18 Madison team 15-0 in three innings.

Whitney Tolsma pitched the one-hit shutout, registering five Ks. She also shined at bat going 3 for 3 with three RBIs and two runs scored. Erin Corner was 2 for 2, two runs, three RBIs; Colette Joy � 1 for 3, two runs; Alisha O'Connor � three runs; Heather Walker � 2 for 2, two runs, four RBIs; Brooke Nelson � 2 for 3, two runs, three RBIs; Paige Prosser � 1 for 3, one run; and Kelsie Austin scored a run.

The fifth game pitted the Irish vs. the Burke Royals (which were undefeated in the previous four tournament contests.) The face off became a really exciting 3-3 match when the time limit rule came into play and in the extra inning, Burke outscored Vermillion 4-0 to take the win.

Tolsma took the loss, giving up five hits, five walks, and seven runs while registering five Ks. The Irish runs were scored by Corner, Austin, and Megan Deaver. Austin was 2 for 2 at bats; Nelson and Prosser were both 1 for 3 hitting.

The season record becomes 8 wins, 3 losses.

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