Lawyers elect governing board

Lawyers elect governing board Lawyers holding their annual meeting in Pierre, elected five new bar commissioners to three-year terms.

The bar commissioners set policy for the State Bar during the next year. The 13 bar commissioners will establish a budget for the year's operations and determine what programs the bar will pursue.

One commissioner is elected from each of seven judicial circuits and six at-large from the state in staggered three-year terms.

The five vacancies are from the first, second, third, sixth, and seventh circuits. Those elected to the circuit positions are: Chris Hutton, Vermillion; Roger Sudbeck, Sioux Falls; Don McCarty, Brookings; Charles McGuigan, Pierre; and, Terri Lee Williams, Rapid City.

Incumbent commissioners are Dwight Gubbrud, Belle Fourche; Tom Tonner, Aberdeen; Terry Hofer, Rapid City; Dave Pfeifle, Sioux Falls; Greg Brewers, Beresford; Neil Fulton, Pierre; Greg Magera, Aberdeen; and Brad Schreiber, Belle Fourche.

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