Letters Where's the respect?

To the editor:

Recently the BluffView Cemetery and a small cemetery out north of town were vandalized by some person or persons unknown at this time.

My grandson's headstone was one the graves that was bothered here at BluffView Cemetery. It was vandalized twice within two nights. Evidently they were after the peace light on it and did not get it the first time so they came back the next night, but neglected in getting it but broke the point off the top of it.

It will cost over $700 to repair it, but at least it can be repaired. There were other headstones that weren't so lucky. There were old chalkstone headstones that were broke off at the base. There are urns broken into pieces.

Oh yes, they can be repaired, but a lot of times there is not family around to do this any longer. And even if they are repaired they will never look the same.

I do not understand what big thrill there is to this kind of activity. Let this be a place of rest instead of a place of destruction.

I truly am bothered to think we are a society that this happens in. When do we say no to this and put effort into finding the person or persons responsible for these things? If it is kids that are doing this then make the parents responsible right along with the kids for not teaching them respect for the dead and property of others.

If it is adults, throw the book at them because they should know better.

After all, we all are going to have a final resting place also. This means the ones that have done this awful deed, too.

Would we want that to happen to our grave or the graves of our loved ones?


Roxan Brown


Vandalism causes heartache, anger

To the editor:

We wish to thank all who made Memorial Day and week at BluffView Cemetery truly beautiful. (Thank you for using the trash barrel by the gate.) The paid staff, the cemetery board members and volunteers all worked long and hard to make it possible.

In spite of the rain, the cold, and the wind, the warmth of all who came to honor their loved ones helped us to forget for a brief while the vandalism that had occurred the night of May 19 or early hours of May 20.

You may have noticed and wondered about nine tombstones from the 1800's tipped and broken, some beyond repair, and one Eternal Peace light. Since then, two globes on pole lights have been shot at and broken with a pellet gun.

The police have been contacted and also Mr. Lias of the Plain Talk. Pictures and information were taken. If you have any information as to suspicious activity, please let the police know. It will take some time and many dollars to repair damages.

The heartache and anger caused by this vandalism will last for a longer time.

Louie and Nila Fostvedt


Local woman needs liver transplant

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in search of a donor for my dear friend, Yolanda. Yolanda is a loving daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother of five (youngest is a 9-year-old girl), grandmother, friend and a strong, faithful, contributing member of our community!

Yolanda has also been struggling with liver disease for several year now, recently she was placed on a transplant list because she is in the final stages of the disease. Without a transplant, she will lose her life and everyone who has been touched by her will lose a very near and dear person.

With new technology and advances in medicine, it is possible for her to receive a portion of a liver from a live donor to giver her a new lease on life. Not many people realize that a liver transplant can come from a living donor rather than only someone who has passed away. Living individuals which qualify as a match may be able to donate a section of their own liver.

Individuals receiving a partial liver can do as well as those waiting to receive a whole liver. Those individuals donating a portion of their liver can continue to live healthy lives with the segment of liver that remains in them. Yolanda is hoping to receive a matching donor and liver transplant through the Nebraska Medical Center.

The first step to finding a matching donor is to have a willing volunteer with an O positive blood type to come forward.

Yolanda is not alone in her search for a liver transplant. According to statistics of the UNMC Web site 17,264 adults and children were waiting for a liver transplant in January of 2001. Often living relatives are able to donate a section of their liver for a transplant patient. This does not seem to be the case for Yolanda due to other health problems and lack of matching blood types within her family circle.

I would like to request that people within our community consider coming forward as a partial liver donor. If you are interested in doing so or would like further information about the donor program you can contact the Nebraska Medical Center Organ Transplant Program; their Web

site is www.nebraskamed.com/ transplant/liver_transplant_program.cfm.


Kristy McCann


Young Eagles soar

To the editor:

There were 39 new Young Eagles in Vermillion on Saturday, June 12 at the Vermillion Airport. It was a beautiful day for flying with calm winds in the morning.

The event went very smoothly because of excellent volunteerism and organization by our registration people and our pilots. The Young Eagles program is an effort of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to give students age 7 to 17 a free ride in an aircraft to introduce them to the joys of flight.

The EAA program flew over one million kids between 1993 and 2003.

Working registration were Brenda Martens, Joyce Smith, Jim Smith, and Pam Hamilton. Flying the kids were Denny Martens, Mick Oden, Dave Howard, Randy Neuharth, Vernon Sudbeck, Steve Hamilton, and Jay Williams.

Each student received a Young Eagles flight certificate, poster of instrument panel of a Cessna 172, and a booklet titled Learn to Fly. The smooth flow of the event was attributable to our exceptional volunteers. Thanks! You made a lot of kids happy.

Steve Hamilton


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