Reagan left mark as a great leader

Reagan left mark as a great leader by the Daily Republic Mitchell Get out the jackhammers and let the new carving on Mount Rushmore begin.

Ronald Reagan has left the building � but not before leaving his mark on the world.

Start the presses at the U.S. Mint so that a new currency can be printed that properly reflects the breadth of his contributions. He was born in poverty, but rose to the pinnacle of power � an improbable yet inspiring American success story.

Encourage Congress to begin at once work to erect a suitable structure in DC along side our other great leaders. Most of the top echelon presidents are associated with war � Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt � but Reagan will be remembered for ending one: The Cold War. And he did it without firing a shot.

What set Ronald Wilson Reagan apart from most politicians and presidents of the past 100 years is that he knew his core beliefs and he stood by them. A conservative at heart, Reagan set his sights on defeating communism and expanding freedom.

He had little time for big government or big unions. He fired more than 11,000 air traffic controllers after they went on strike. He was vilified by the liberal press and by some leftist groups, and it is a fair question to ask today: What other president would have had the courage to act so decisively? And yet, it was the right thing to do.

Some have been critical of Reagan�s failure to balance the budget. However, the tax cut program he implemented cannot be faulted for the deficit. It was another case of government outspending its income. The gross national product grew at a healthy rate under Reagan � but not fast enough to keep up with spending.

Reagan � and Congress � must share the blame of the growing debt during the 1980s. Such criticism must be tempered, though, with the knowledge that Reagan knew money had to be spent on the arms race in order to prevail. His belief was affirmed. The Soviet Union�s economy could not stand up to such military and economic competition.

Reagan campaigned for Goldwater and argued for smaller government, lower taxes, a strong national defense, and free enterprise. He is loved by Republicans and conservatives for his politics, but he is loved by the people because he was a genuine American in the Will Rogers sense of the word. He told stories, laughed easily � especially at himself � liked people, and displayed that intangible leadership quality that few possess.

This nation would be fortunate indeed to elect another Ronald Reagan as president.

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