Spirit Mound Trust wins Governor’s Award

Spirit Mound Trust wins Governor's Award The Spirit Mound Trust of Vermillion was awarded the Governor's Organizational Award for History by the South Dakota State Historical Society during the society's annual meeting May 21-22 in Pierre.

The Spirit Mount Trust of Vermillion was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1986 with the purpose of "preserving Spirit Mound and its immediate environs ? as it relates to the Lewis and Clark Expedition and to Native American Culture and the contributions of both of them made to American history" and "to restore Spirit Mound and its environs to their natural ecological condition and to maintain that condition ?"

After years of dogged, single-handed pursuit, this goal was achieved through state and federal financial assistance and the organizational support of the South Dakota Division of Parks and Recreation, and the National Park Service. The Trust helped develop the joint federal-state-local project that has culminated in the 320-acre Spirit Mound Historic Prairie.

The Trust remains a project partner and advisor and this Aug. 25 will help commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark's visit to Spirit Mound.

Mark Wetmore, a Trust board member from Vermillion, accepted the award.

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