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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Eleven ladies play on horrible day

June 16 was another horrible day but 11 dedicated (weird?) ladies were there to play. No chairman was there to guide them so they just took off. Nine played one hole but the two Pats were going to show the rest and go on, but they only managed one more hole.

The Cherry Street Grille served lasagna to 29 ladies and Jan Chapman and Jayne Merrigan served three kinds of bars.

We now have 59 members. Janet Hoff is a new member.

Jeanne Van Balen and Pat Steckelberg had charge of the meeting and there was some discussion on signing up to serve dessert.

Winners of the $5 drawing were Jeanne Van Balen and Jayne Merrigan.

Dorothy Reed had charge of bridge. Sign up winner was Jan Uhl, high score Dorothy Reed, to honor Flag Day winner was Arlene DeVaney. Traveling prize went to Dorothy Reed.

There were two tables of 13 players for dominos. High, Pat Steckelberg and Ardyce Meisenholder; low, Jan Chapman and Babe Hurowitz.

Char Brunick is the official scorekeeper replacing Jayne Merrigan at table one out of necessity. Mary Bartels got special thanks for jump starting my car.

Men's league weekly report

The fifth week of regular league competition continued on June 17, with a 3 p.m. shotgun start using all tee boxes on the back 9.

Results of the fifth week in the National division show best scores for LBA � 21 points, moving them up from 12th to seventh in the standings; and the duo of Serious Six and Multiple Putts each with 17 to end up in first and fourth respectively.

Low individual scratch score of 32 went to Jon Dimmick who had birdies on holes 10, 11, 14, 15, and 16. Nick Hovden scored a 34 (net 32) and Bill Powell had a par 36. Joe Bjorkman had the only other score below 40 � a 39.

Probably the best use of his handicap was Robert Noonan who had a 43 (net 33). There were 18 birdies reported for the day. Beside Jon's five birds, Steve Ward and Hovden each had two.

The American division had three teams with high point scores: The Westside Inn with 18.5; Ace Hardware and Char Bar � 17.5 each. There was only one golfer under 40 � Rick Haught, 39. Scratch scores in the low 40s were: Grant Baird � 40; Danny Brown � 41; Doug Robinson, Dave Raabe, and Steve Donnelly � 42 each.


Char Bar 72.5

Westside Inn 68.5

Sons of Thunder 63.5

First National 63.5

Doctor's Orders 60

Community First Ins. 59

Hy-Vee 57.5

LBA 54

Pro's 52

Quality Motors 50.5

Sandtrappers 50.5

Ace Hardware 49

Bogeys 4 Ever 48.5

The Leftovers 46


Serious Six 76

Recuerdo's/Miller Lite 71

Bluff Boys 67.5

Multiple Putts 67.5

Texas Roadhouse 66.5

Alkota 64

Eagles 59.5

Still Smokin' 55

PIK 55

Grave Diggers 51

Coldwell Banker 45.5

Gassen's Gang 43.5

Bogey + 43

Divots 40

Senior golfers

do well Tuesday

The Bluffs Golf Course was fine June 22 and the parity of the senior men's league teams was evident when scores were turned in to find all prize winners either in at 37 or 38. There were nine birdies recorded this date.

The team of Elmer Mount, Vern Holter, Duncan McGregor and Joe Erickson took top honors with a 37. Congratulations men! Other prize winners at 37 were Irl Oaks, Lloyd Helseth and Jack Stewart; and Dave Bak, Dick Munkvold and Ardell Hatch.

Following at 38 we had Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Louie Fostvedt; and Pete Berglund, Rick Morse, Dave Zimmer and Don Bensen, followed by Mo Marcott, Roger Kozak and Berwyn Svoboda.

Also at 38 was the team of Alan Clem, Ken Beringer and Cal Petersen and Dave Raabe, Max Andersen and Jim Reed.

We had many nominees for shot-of-the-day: Joe Erickson for a 90-foot chip-in on #16 for a birdie; Louie Fostvedt had a 45-foot chip-in on #16 for a birdie; Howard Connors for a 36-foot birdie downhill putt on #16; Roger Kozak for a 25-foot birdie putt on #15; Ray Mount for a 25-foot birdie putt on #13; and Vern Christensen for a 20-foot birdie putt on #13.

We welcomed Joe Erickson and Marvin Walz as first time senior players and greeted Irl Oaks, a long-time senior golfer, who is visiting from Arizona.

It was nice to have you with us.

Play will resume June 29. We hope you can arrive in time to be placed on a team.

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