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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Men's league weekly report

The registration routine seems to be running smoothly for the fourth week of the men's league, using all tee boxes on the front nine for competition on June 10. There are some individuals who should pay handicap fees, if they haven't done so.

The results for this week in the American division shows the best score for First National and Ace Hardware tied with 14.5 points. (The division became very competitive with many close matches).

Individual scoring results were: Dave Chickering _ 34 for low gross; Rick Haught and Joe Villalobos each scored 38; and a 39 score was shared by John Hemingway and Josh Stewart. Mike Stewart had low net 30. Ten birdies were reported for the day. Haught and Chickering each recorded two.

The National division had a major shake up as best team score was 19.5 by Bluffs Boys, and Serious Six collected 16.5. The results put Bluffs Boys in their customary spot at the top, and Serious six residing in third.

"Coach" Christopherson had the low gross score (37, net 31). Other low scores were: Jeremy Cowman and Mark Clark � 38 each; Louis Creps (39, 31 net); Bill Powell, Rusty Reynolds and Gary Prosser each had 39s. Powell, Bill Willroth and Greg Baedke, 37 each; 38s were recorded by Scott Isaack, Joe Bjorkman and Nick Hovden; Dennis Chandler and Pat Amundson were under the 40s with 39 each. Lowest net of 30 went to Mike Kruse. Only six birdies were reported with Chris Mikkelson having two.


Char Bar 55.0

Doctor's Orders 52.0

Westside Inn 50.0

Quality Motors 49.5

Sons of Thunder 48.5

LBA 48.0

First National 46.5

Hy-Vee 45.5

Community First Ins. 45.5

Sandtrappers 45.0

Ace Hardware 44.5

Pro's 42.0

The Leftovers 36.5

Bogeys 4 Ever 35.5


Bluff Boys 59.0

Recuerdo's/Miller Lite 56.5

Serious Six 56.0

Texas Roadhouse 51.0

Alkota 49.5

PIK 45.5

Grave Diggers 44.5

Still Smokin' 41.5

Gassen's Gang 41.5

Multiple Putts 40.5

Coldwell Banker 39.5

Eagles 38.5

Bogey + 35.5

Divots 32.0

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

June 9, 2004

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Augusta Gals 28 30 93.33%

2. Now We Are Fore 25 30 83.33%

3. RN�s 25 30 83.33%

4. Mollies Follies 19 25 76.00%

5. Iron Maidens 21 30 70.00%

6. Bertha�s Babes 20.5 30 68.33%

7. Environmental Hazards 15 25 60.00%

8. Whatever 14 25 56.00%

9. Chix with Sticks 15.5 30 51.67%

10. First National Bank 15.5 30 51.67%

11. Pinnacle�s (The) 13 30 43.33%

12. Rough Riders 13 30 43.33%

13. Tee�d Off 13 30 43.33%

14. Lopez Sisters 10 25 40.00%

15. Lucky Shots 12 30 40.00%

16. Golf Bags 10.5 30 35.00%

17. Sand Yappers 10 30 33.33%

18. TBA 10 30 33.33%

19. Wedgies 8 30 26.67%

20. Par-Tee Girls 2 25 8.00%

21. Lucky Ladies 0 25 0.00%

Lady golfers

enjoy cloudy day

Wednesday, June 9 was a surprise as it wasn�t cold, windy or drizzly, but still no sunshine. Just a cloudy day for 16 golfers.

Lynne Hatle and Helen Brown were in charge and the prize was total low score on the par 4s.

Helen Brown was first, Edith Nelson, second, Jan Uhl and Karon Benson tied for third and there were three tied for fourth � JoAnn Berringer, Lynne Hatle and Glennis Stewart. Fritz Lefler had a birdie on #5 � congratulations, Fritz.

The Cherry Street Grille again served a yummy taco salad. Robin Eisenmenger and Meryl Reed served ice cream bars to the 36 ladies.

Pat Steckelberg was our chairman. The two $5 drawings both went to Jan Chapman.

Lynne Hatle had a birthday last week and Mary Lee Hennies enjoyed a two week trip to Armenia for Habitat for Humanity.

Glennis was a bridge chairman and she was also high scorer. Sign-up winner � Doris Mitchell, small slam � Lorraine Brunick, and travel prize take last trip with the 9 of trump � Doris Mitchell. There were three tables of bridge.

Dominos, three tables of 16 players, high � Karon Benson 487, Fritz Lefler 491, (highest) Char Brunick 367; lows � Jayne Merrigan 212, Anita White 242, Babe Hurowitz 205, low for both tables Jayne Merrigan went out four times, Lynnette Spencer caught with double blank two times. Darlene Engbrecht went out five times. Thanks, Pat Pratt.

Come out, you�re very welcome to a sometimes extra chatty, happy group but that keeps all our spirits up.

Ladies frolic

on back 9

First National Bank, our host team for Wednesday Evening Ladies League, provided an evening of fun and frolic on the back 9 this week. They awarded the three allotted pin prizes on holes 11, 15 and 18.

Sue French snagged two of the prizes, one for coming closest to the sand on #11 without actually going in, and one on #18 for the closest chip shot. The third pin prize went to Mary Kay Zimmerman for the longest putt on #15. Mary Kay had a tough time claiming her prize as two pranksters (who shall remain nameless, although the initials of both are D.L. and whose names both appear somewhere in this report) altered her initials on the flag prize card to TLC. The jokers eventually confessed and Mary Kay received her prize. This week the Quackson supported two winners, Darlis LaBahn and Peggy Donnelly.

Out on the course the golfing was once again good. Karrie Plate (again) carded the low gross score with a 38. Wendy Johnson also shot a great round with a 40. Continuing her hot streak, Joanne Ustad shot the low net with a 32 (44-12), followed closely by Sue French with a 33 (55-22).

Last week, playing the �other� nine, Nace Huska had a birdie on #12. This week, playing on the �competitive� side, Nace once again birdied #12. Deb Larson also had a birdie on #18. But, the golfer with the hot hand was Joanne Ustad. This is the third week in a row that Joanne has had a birdie. However, this week, to vary things a bit, she had two birdies, one on #12 and one on #15. Joanne had an assist on the birdie on 15 � her third shot to the green hit the top of the retaining walls (those stinking boards) behind the right front sand trap, shot into the air and landed close to hole to allow Joanne to make an easy birdie putt.

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