U-10 Blue Bombers play in tournament

U-10 Blue Bombers play in tournament The Blue Bombers of Vermillion participated in the Yankton/Vermillion U-10 boys and girls soccer tournament Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8.

The Bombers were the only Vermillion team to win games at the tournament. Following are the team's stats for the games and a listing of the teams it played against in the tournament.

Friday, May 7

Yankton U.S.A. defeats Blue Bombers 7-3.

Saturday, May 8

Yankton Argentina defeats Blue Bombers 6-4.

Blue Bombers defeat Yankton Brazil 8-2.

Blue Bombers defeat Yankton Brazil 12-1.

Goals scored for the tournament: Tyler Constance, 12; Trent McNarry, 8; Jake Hogen, 5; Mitch Nelsen, 1; Matthew Moore, 1.

Goalie saves for the tournament: Cody Carr, 18; Mitch Nelson, 7; Austin Patrick, 4; Matthew Moore, 2.

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