U-16 Vermillion Ice play pair of doubleheaders

U-16 Vermillion Ice play pair of doubleheaders by Jim Prosser The U-16 Vermillion Ice softball team played a couple doubleheaders last week with mixed results � winning two and losing two.

On Tuesday, June 15 they hosted Wakonda/Irene at the USD softball complex in Vermillion.

In game one, Anna Isaacson pitched a three-hit, eight-run complete game which also included 14 walks (seven in one inning!) But the Ice prevailed in spite of that as they came up with 10 runs in the first two innings.

Vermillion's scoring stats were: Mary Ann Bierle � two runs; Kinsey Weydert � 1 for 2, one run; Isaacson � 1 for 2, two runs; Brittni Stewart � 2 for 2, two runs; Alicia Brown � 1 for 1, one run; Kaili Johnson � 2 for 2, one run; Tristen Upward � 1 for 2, one run.

Game two was an exciting nine-inning shootout as W/I plated the winner in the last stanza with the score looking like a football final 15-14. Rather than listing the losing pitcher let's look at the individual scoring: Bierle � two runs; Weydert � two; Isaacson � three; Stewart � two; Brown � one; Samantha Haakinson � one; Upward � two; and Shaina Hayes � one.

On Thursday, June 17 the two Vermillion teams (U-16 Ice and U-14 Diamond) faced off in a friendly competition; in fact � a couple of members on one team volunteered to join the short-handed roster of the other.

Each team won a game (Ice � 10, 4; Diamond 8, 12).

Alicia Brown won the first game and no other info was available. Scoring for Ice: Bierle � two runs; Isaacson � three; Stewart � three; Steph Towns � one; and Jessa Waters � one. Scoring for Diamond: Stacey Bottolfson � one run; Brittany Bye � two; Shalita Bartlett � two; Calle Sorensen � one; and Chelsea Allen � one.

Scoring in the second game: Bierle � one; Johnson � one; Stewart � one; and Jess � one (for Ice); then, for Diamond: Bottolfson � one; Alexa Walker � two; Bye � two; Bartlett � two; Britt Epping � one; DeNell Dykstra � one; Sorensen � one, Allan � one; and Jayde Heine � one.

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