Vermillion Ice, Irish do well at Yankton, Dakota Valley

Vermillion Ice, Irish do well at Yankton, Dakota Valley by Jim Prosser Randy Isaacson, the U-16 Vermillion Ice softball team coach, furnished the results of the doubleheader against the Yankton Angels on June 8 at Summit South in Yankton.

Game one

Ice � 9; Angels � 5. Winning pitcher � Ariel Hofman.

Scoring stats: Hofman � 2 for 3, two runs; Annie Roche � 1 for 1, one run; Tristen Upward, Kaili Johnson, Brittni Stewart, and Stacy Joy all were on base by walks several times during the game and each scored one or two runs.

Game two

Ice � 11; Angels � 3. Winning pitcher � Alicia Brown gave up two hits and registered five Ks.

Scoring stats: Brown � 2 for 2; Roche � 1 for 1, one BB, two runs; Hofman � 2 for 1, one BB; Anna Isaacson, 0 for 1, two BB; Stewart, 0 for 1, two BB; Kinsey Weydert, 2 for 3 (single and a double), two runs; Michelle Olson � two BB, two runs; Johnson � two walks, two runs; Joy, 0 for 1, one BB, one run. Season record, 4-0.

The U-18 Irish ran their season record to 4-0 as the Matt Brandhagen-coached team dominated the Dakota Valley U-18 11-3 and 14-3 in a doubleheader on June 8 in Dakota Valley.

The first game-winning pitcher was Sandy Bouck who gave up seven hits and registered six Ks.

Offensive stats: Alisha O'Connor � 1 for 2, two BBs, three runs, one RBI; Whitney Tolsma � 3 for 4, three runs, two RBIs; Brittney Campbell � 1 for 2, one run; Heather Walker � 1 for 2, one BB, one RBI; Kelsie Austin � 2 for 3, one run; Paige Prosser � 1 for 3, one run, one RBI.

The winner of the second game was Tolsma who recorded nine Ks and only three hits and three walks. The offense was led by Collette Joy who hit for the cycle, 4 for 4, four runs, five RBIs. O'Connor went 2 for 4, two runs, two RBIs; Walker was 2 for 3, two runs, two RBIs; Prosser � 1 for 2, two runs; Tolsma � 2 for 2, one run, two RBIs.

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