Wakonda-Irene diamond action

Wakonda-Irene diamond action Wakonda-Irene traveled to Gayville. Gayville won both games, 16-8 and 9-8.

The leading batters for Wakonda-Irene were Lynzee Reeves with two singles; Nichole Nielsen with two singles and a triple; Kerstin Roesler with a single; Kayla Poncelet with a double; Andrea Bakke, Ashley Anderson, Amanda Burfeindt, Tiffany Ganschow, each with a single; and Rachel Mellem had a double.

Wakonda-Irene hosted Elk Point-Jefferson on June 8. Wakonda-Irene split 1 and 1 with Elk Point-Jefferson.

The first game's score was 4-12 and the final score of the second game was 4-2.

The leading batters for Wakonda-Irene were Bridget Healy, Reeves, Bakke, Anderson, Ganschow, Jessie Stockland and Nielsen, each with singles. Jessica Peterson had a double. Bakke was the winning pitcher. Wakonda-Irene hosted the Vermillion Diamonds on June 10. Wakonda-Irene split 1 and 1 with Vermillion 7-10, 16-4.

The leading batters for Wakonda-Irene were Denise Livingston, Shawna Knutson, Kayla Poncelet, Bakke, and Anderson, all with singles. Burfeindt hit a single and double; Stockland and Peterson each had a double. Bakke picked up the win. Wakonda-Irene will travel to Vermillion to play the Vermillion Ice.

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