Auditions scheduled for new Encore Choir

Auditions scheduled for new Encore Choir "Encore, encore"! When audiences cry encore you know they're asking for something more. Almost from the beginning, when singers graduate from the Yankton Children's Choir they continually ask for "something more." This year that "something more" will be possible.

The Yankton Children's Choir Board of Directors has agreed to offer a continuation of the high quality choral experience to high school aged singers from Yankton and the surrounding area through the formation of a brand new choir. The "Encore Choir" will be available for any high-school aged young person no matter whether they've been a member of previous YCC Choirs.

According to directors Lea Ann Schramm and Margaret Lyons, "Every year we have students asking if they could please still be in YCC, even when they leave eighth grade. Because we started as a choir of unchanged voices, that really wasn't possible. But, with the addition of the Encore Choir, we're excited to finally offer that choice.

"We've even had singers jokingly wishing they would not pass eighth grade so they didn't have to leave the choir � now they can look forward to continuing the great YCC experience, and still get the good grades they normally do!"

Schramm acknowledged that high school students are very busy, "but the board took that into account, and would like to offer the Encore Choir during the first semester only. It will run from September through December or early January and rehearsal times are tentatively scheduled for two Saturday mornings per month."

If you are a high-school aged student who really enjoys singing quality choral literature, or know of someone who does, encourage them to audition.

Auditions for the Encore Choir will be held Thursday, Aug. 12 at Calvary Baptist Church, 1700 Burleigh St., Yankton, from 5:30 to 9 p.m. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment, as auditions are given on a first-come, first-served basis. The choir does ask that a parent or guardian accompany each student to auditions.

For further information, please contact: Patty Stuelpnagel, executive director, 605/664-2007 or e-mail

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