Clubs 4-H club completes projects

The Jolly Juniorette 4-H Club met on Tuesday, April 13 at the 4-H building. Marion Kryger helped club members make lap desks and/or bench planters which could be used in the wood science project area. On Friday, May 14, the club members attended the VHS play, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, as a group social activity. Club members donated cookies and bars to the VHS Drama Club to be sold before, during and after the play. The club helped plant flowers downtown on Saturday, May 15 which was part of the Vermillion Beautiful project. Both the bars and cookies donated to the play and helping to plant flowers downtown were May community service projects. There was no meeting in June. Club members donated bars and cookies to the 4-H food stand kitchen. They were then sold at the Sioux Valley Kennel Club Dog Show June 26-27. Club members also worked a time period on Saturday, June 26 in the kitchen. This was their June community service project. The next Jolly Juniorette 4-H Club meeting will be on Tuesday, July 13 at 7 p.m. at the 4-H building kitchen. Ellen Hanson, Reporter

Rotarians learn of logo, Dome upgrades

The Vermillion Rotarians with our new president, Kent Scribner, presiding, met for our weekly lunch July 6 at the Neuharth Center. Guests today were Courtney Marshall and Dan Leistra. Ron Walters was welcomed as a new member today and some other new memberships are in the offing. From July 16-20, Vermillion is hosting a "Chautauqua" in the area just north of the Fine Arts Building. Dan Van Peursem let us know that more than 50 people will be needed to raise the big tent on July 15. So, if you can be there at 3 p.m., you can help raise the biggest tent you've ever raised, very likely. You can let Dan know you'll be coming by e-mailing him at Our program today was presented by Michelle Lavallee and Joel Nielsen, who have been busy working on some new packaging and presentation features for USD, particularly for our athletic teams. Unlike that not-to-be-named school to the north, USD remains proudly Division II but no less fearsome for all that. In fact, the new version of our famous coyote has a decidedly aggressive look to him (or her). Gone is the rather playful looking Charlie Coyote that looked rather like the Warner Brothers cartoon character, Wiley Coyote. Our new coyote glares out at us with an expression that reads something like "I've already eaten 11 jackrabbits and its not even noon yet." In addition to several new logos featuring the now cantankerous coyote and large red "U"s in various configurations, the signage and displays in and around the Dakota Dome are also in for extensive redeployment. At the intersections of the Highway 50 bypass and Ratingen Strasse, a new electronic sign board will announce events that will surely have half of the traffic turning into our fair town to check out the activities. Inside the DakotaDome there will soon be some new state-of-the-art visual displays put in place with the generous support of Daktronics, the state-of-the-art South Dakota firm (based someplace north of here in a town named ? I forget what) that makes displays for the Olympics, the Super Bowl, etc. It was a wily coyote, indeed, that managed to line up that corporate support for the new look of USD. The new indoor visual displays will allow for moving advertising as well as, apparently, instant replays of big moments in the game. So, soon you'll be able to be as inattentive to the action on the field as you are at home in front of your television set. Probably that's not the idea, but life is full of unintended consequences.

Midday Connection will meet July 13

The Centerville Midday Connection will meet July 13, at the American Legion Hall in Centerville for a noon luncheon. Our special feature this month is Kris Olson from Beyond Ceramics. She will share some of the items she has available at her store on Centerville's Main Street. Our speaker is Heni Bond, the daughter of Holocaust survivors. At age 18, she married an American and moved to the U.S. Bond was born and reared in Israel. She tells of the various circumstances which have made her the woman she is today. For reservations please call Wilhelmina Jorgenson at 326-5562, Jan Stevens at 563-2821 or Lois Lounsbery at 763-5284 by July 9.

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