DakotaDome hosts S.D. State Hershey Track & Field Meet

DakotaDome hosts S.D. State Hershey Track & Field Meet by Jim Prosser Every year, the Hershey Corporation sponsors a North American Track and Field tournament involving eight regions, with six divisions of young athletes, boys and girls, ages 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14. The winner in each event is eligible to be selected to compete in the National Meet held in Hershey, PA on Aug. 5-8.

Local meets are held in the states assigned to each region and South Dakota is in Region 5 which includes six states and five Canadian provinces. Individuals who place in the top eight of each event are awarded certificates and a Hershey Track & Field logo sweatshirt. Their times and distances will be compared with those from the other Region 5 entities.

South Dakota's meet was held at the DakotaDome in Vermillion on June 26 with the following results (first place finishers plus Vermillion youth participant placers):

Girls 9-10: 50M dash � Carly Carper (Mad), first; Blair Gilkyson (V) � 9th; 100M dash � Carper, first; Lexi Regnerus (V) � fifth; 200M run � Tessa Gorsuch (RC), first; Krissy Zalud (V) � ninth; 400M run � Karllie Mueller (SF), first; Long jump � Carper (Mad) first; Softball throw � Raquel Sutera (BonH) first; Elizabeth Bye (V) � second; 4x100M relay � Vermillion, first (Bye, Jordyn Butcher, Regnerus, and Gilkyson).

Girls 11-12: 100M dash � Jacque Jasinski (RC), first; 200M run � Alli Aramatzis (Ab) first; 400M run � Jasinski (RC) � first; Kayla Munger (V), ninth; 800M run � Jenae Harrison (SF), first; 4x100M relay � Rapid City (names NA); Vermillion � third (Christine Epping, Amber Walker, Clair Jones, and Morgan Erickson); Vermillion (B) fifth (Ellen Brown, Elly Melby, Kylie Fischbach, and Reanna Bertram); Long jump � Meredith Molseed (SF) first; SB throw � Kenzy Pinney (RC) first.

Girls 13-14; 100M and 200M dashes � Lindsay Thielen (first in each) (Mad); 800M run � Danielle McCann (Prk) first; Vivian Moos (V) seventh; 1600M run � Jenifer Richards (RC) first; Rebecca Girlinghouse (V) ninth; 4x100M relay � Huron (names NA) first; Long jump � Katelyn McElhaney (Wat) � first; Moos (V) seventh; SB throw � Amber Wollschlager (Revi) first.

Boys 9-10: 50M dash � Gabe Evans (RC) first; D'Andre Fore (V) third, Mitchell Nelson (V) fifth; 100M dash � Evans (RC) first, Calvin Prinsen (V) eighth; 200M run � Zach Tuschen (SF) first, Jacob Hogan (V) third, Fore (V) fourth; 400M run � Tusch (SF) first, Layne Brown (V) ninth; Long jump � Shay Bratland (Wat) first; Softball throw � Carver Ching (Est) first; 4x100M relay � Vermillion first (Layne Brown, Calvin Prinsen, Mitchell Brown, and Tanner Anderson); Vermillion (B) second (Jacob Hogan, Michael Sand, Tanner Settles, and Collin Bertrand).

Boys 11-12: 100M dash � Destin McCauly (M/L) first; 200M run � Matt Lupkes (Jef) first; 400M run � Tanner Thompson (Vol) first; Zach Sexon (M/L) sixth; 800M run � Cole Truebenbach (Ab) first, Jacob Chesterman (M/L) ninth; Long jump � Chris Bakke (SF) first, Jacob Chesterman (V) third; Softball throw � Ben Englstad (Vol) first; 4×100 relay � McCook Lake first (Matt Lupkes, Jacob Chesterman, Zach Sexton, and Dustin McCauley)

Boys 13-14: 100M dash � Jon Doyle (RC) first; 200M dash � Andy Coy (RC) first; 800M run � Tyler Neiderwerder (Spear) first, Ryan Fishbach (V) ninth; 1600M run � Alex Muntefering (Park) first, Fischbach (V) ninth; 4x100M relay � SF first (names NA); Long jump � Chris Carper (Mad) first; SB throw � Tyler Mullinex (Aber) first.

South Dakota will have at least five participants to go to the national tourney. Depending up scores from other Region 5 results more could be eligible.

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