Family Business Initiative at USD will hold workshop on inheritance

Family Business Initiative at USD will hold workshop on inheritance "Land carries with it a strong sense of place, and often inspires deep emotions connected to a family's legacy for present and future generations," says Olivia Boyce-Abel, a featured speaker for the upcoming "I wish we had talked! Preserving your Family Lands and Heritage."

The Wall Community Center in Wall is the location for the day-long event scheduled for Friday, Sept. 17.

Boyce-Abel founded Family Lands Consulting in 1994 in Santa Cruz, CA to assist families in preserving family accord, as well as their land. She brings her talents to Wall and will be addressing many of the issues concerning family lands. Those major issues which often present challenges include family dynamics and clear communication; diverse needs among family members; governance; property taxes, management, use, and maintenance; intergenerational transfers, financial liquidity; gift, estate, and inheritance taxes.

The delicate issues surrounding inheritance are frequently daunting, particularly when those issues involve large and valuable parcels of land. This workshop, with its goal "To prepare families to proceed with effective estate planning," will benefit estate owners, beneficiaries, new landowners, single and joint landowners, families with inheritance disputes, executors, and trustees, and family corporations with limited partnerships.

The South Dakota Family Business Initiative and the Western Dakota Bootstraps invites anyone in a landowner's inheritance situation to attend including ranchers, farmers, nursery owners, estate/legacy tract and vacation/summer home owners, and anyone with real estate investments.

Dale Boydston, New Underwood, is regional representative of the Western Dakota Bootstraps. He describes the workshop as an opportunity for landowners in South Dakota to address issues of inheritance that many landowners are concerned about.

Beth Adamson, executive director of the South Dakota Family Business Initiative adds, "Mom and dad too often plan their estate without discussing options with the next generation, or even familiarizing themselves with all the options. A day with Ms. Boyce-Abel will give the entire family some useful tools to use in developing an estate plan AND preserving the family."

The workshop, sponsored by the Western Dakota Bootstraps, is designed to cover topics interactively among multiple family members. Registration fee is $48 per person for SD-FBI and Bootstraps members; $78 for non-members before Aug. 2. After Aug. 2, the fee will be $95 per person. Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and workshop materials. Attendance is encouraged by a minimum of two family members (i.e. husband/wife, parent/child, etc.) active in the operation. To register, call Linda Burcham at 605-677-3157, or visit the Web site for more information: (click the EVENTS tab).

The South Dakota Family Business Initiative was founded in 1993 with a mission to build relationships that promote healthy families and successful businesses through education, research and peer interaction. It assists family firms in balancing the unique challenges of blending family and business. Together with its corporate sponsors, the SD-FBI offers an annual conference and local workshops on a variety of topics.

Books, video/audio tapes and articles are also available to check out from the SD-FBI resource library. More information is available on their Web site at

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