Governor’s Camp begins July 25 at USD

Governor's Camp begins July 25 at USD More than 100 middle school students from South Dakota will participate in the 21st annual South Dakota Governor's Camp, scheduled July 25-30 at The University of South Dakota.

Under the theme "The Sky's the Limit," students entering grades 7, 8, or 9, identified as "high ability and high potential" will participate in a program of academic studies, enrichment activities, and career exploration. This "College for Kids" will feature a wide range of classes and group activities led by university faculty and adults at the Vermillion campus of USD.

Endorsed by Gov. Michael Rounds, the camp will offer these gifted youth from across the state an unforgettable educational experience.

In addition, about 70 high school students are participating in the 16th Annual South Dakota Ambassadors of Excellence program, which began Monday, July 19, and will conclude July 30.

They are taking advanced classes in academic studies, the arts, communications and leadership. A major component of the Ambassadors program is to build a performing group of singers, dancers, and entertainers.

The public is welcome to attend the annual Ambassadors of Excellence Performance in the Fine Arts Building on The University of South Dakota campus at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 28.

For more information, contact Dr. Tim Duggan at (605) 677-6390 or

Since being founded in 1984 by the late Dr. Bruce Milne of The University of South Dakota, and Dr. Carole Kasen of Rapid City, the camps have attracted nearly 4,000 students. Duggan, of The University of South Dakota School of Education, will direct this year's camps.

"We are excited to continue the tradition built by Drs. Milne and Kasen, and we look forward to a great camp," Duggan said.

The camp has been extended by one day this year, and will offer nearly 40 different classes, with special projects, evening enrichment activities, and a team challenge festival.

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