Irish, Magic cap season with friendly match-up

Irish, Magic cap season with friendly match-up by Jim Prosser The Vermillion U-18 Irish and Magic softball teams capped the 2004 season with a friendly "family feud" game, at the Vermillion Armory field on Tuesday, July 13.

Each team employed three volunteer pitchers � Brittney Campbell, Alisha O'Connor, and Erin Corner for the Irish, Sarah Merrigan, Sonja Merrigan, and Sara Christopherson for Magic.

Irish took an early 10-run lead after two innings and the rest of the game became a struggle of attrition for the pitchers as bases on balls became the norm during the last four innings. (11 for Irish, 11 for Magic). The final score was 21-9 for the Irish.

Statistics for Irish were: Collette Joy � 1 for 2, three walks, four runs, one rbi; Corner � 4 for 5, two runs, one rbi; Whitney Tolsma � 2 for 3, two runs, one rbi; Heather Walker � 2 for 3 (with a homer), two runs, three rbis; O'Connor � 1 for 4, one rbi, two runs; Brooke Nelson, 3 for 4, two runs, one rbi; Paige Prosser � 1 for 1, three walks, two runs; Kelsie Austin � 1 for 3, two runs; Megan Deaver � three walks, one run; and Campbell � 1 for 2, two runs, three rbis.

Stats for Magic: Sarah Gregg � one run; Whitney Lawrence � 2 for 4, one rbi; Christopherson � 2 for 3, one walk, one run, one rbi; Theresa Ring � 1 for 2, two walks, two runs; Sarah Merrigan � two walks, three runs; Jenna Mulder � 1 for 4, one run, two rbis; Ali Christensen � two walks, one run; Morgan Brooks � three walks, two rbis.

The Irish team's season record is 15-5.

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