Iverson chosen for internship

Iverson chosen for internship Cullen Iverson, currently a student at The University of South Dakota, has been selected as a participant in the Interns in Industry program in Sioux Falls. Iverson will be working this summer as an intern at Backyard Oaks, Inc., an international wholesale manufacturer of unique cards and home and personal accessories.

Interns in Industry is a program designed to create links between area businesses and students currently studying in our area colleges and technical institutes.

"One of South Dakota's highest priorities is to provide our young people with challenging and rewarding careers here in our state," said Mary Medema, workforce development director for Forward Sioux Falls. "By connecting our students with strong companies in Sioux Falls, we can keep our talented graduates close to home, contributing to the future of South Dakota, rather than making new lives in states far away."

Cullen was one of over 150 students from 13 institutions of higher education that applied for the 2004 Interns in Industry program. Since only 21 internships were offered, the selection process was very competitive, Medema said.

"The participating companies have found that our South Dakota students, graduates of schools all over the state, are motivated and productive additions to their staff," she said. "Thanks to students like Cullen, this program will continue to be a success."

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