Larson seeks abandoned U.S. savings bonds

Larson seeks abandoned U.S. savings bonds State Treasurer Vern Larson has sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Treasury John W. Snow in order to regain abandoned U.S. Savings Bonds for South Dakotans. In this way, the state treasurer's office can use its resources to find these people.

Approximately $9 billion in matured savings bonds are deemed abandoned. South Dakota's share could be quite substantial considering that in years past the state has been a leader in U.S. Savings Bond drives.

The state treasurer's office operates an unclaimed property office that actively seeks out those who are owed money.

"No level of government should deprive its citizens of their property. The government should serve as an example of fairness. These bonds were purchased in good faith, and their rightful owners or heirs should benefit from the patriotic purchase of savings and war bonds," Larson said.

More about unclaimed property can be found on the state treasurer's Web site, www.

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