Larson travels to Honduras

Larson travels to Honduras Summer break from Dordt College has been a memorable one this year for six students who spent three weeks living with Honduran families in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Students participating in this foreign learning adventure include Leslie Larson, Vermillion. Larson is the daughter of Leroy and Marlys Larson.

The trip is a three-week summer off-campus program, designed to give students significant involvement in a non-English speaking location. Accompanying the students this year was a Dordt College foreign language professor, Socorro Woodbury, who is a native of Honduras. Students had a class in the morning and another in the afternoon, supplemented with guest speakers and field trips to become thoroughly acquainted with the country's language, religion, education, health, economy, etc.

On her first trip outside the U.S., Larson was surprised by the disparity between homes and wealth on opposite sides of a river. One shore had dilapidated shacks, while on the other were beautiful homes with security devices including bars, electrical wire, locks and alarms. She also adjusted to a diet ripe with bananas.

All students at Dordt College are expected to fulfill a cross-cultural requirement to learn about and experience other cultures. The cross-cultural requirement may be met in a variety of ways, ranging from 24 semester abroad programs to six summer short courses that garner three college credits toward a degree.

Dordt College is a Christian, liberal arts college in Sioux Center, Iowa, which offers more than 50 programs of study to approximately 1,300 students from the United States, Canada, and several foreign countries.

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