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Now Playing by Josh Gates It's too late. The cinematic disaster of The Day After Tomorrow has already swept through the country, destroying the intelligence of anyone who crossed its path. If you've seen it, I'm sorry; and if you've seen it and enjoyed it, I'm sorrier. It's another big-budget … Read Article

Chamber Chat

Chamber Chat By Vermillion Area Chamber/Development Company Events * National Music Museum Brown Bag Lunch � Friday, July 2 at National Music Museum at noon. Larry Scully plays Beethoven Piano Sonatas on grand piano by Anton Martin Th�m, Vienna, ca. 1815. Open to the public and bring a brown bag … Read Article

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Check It Out by Anne Marshall Non-Fiction Collection "It takes only 19 seconds to walk the distance of the first powered flight, and I felt as if I'd entered the black-and-white photograph I'd been seeing all my life." Follow Noah Adam's adventure as the author of Piano Lessons traces the … Read Article