Peterson’s photos featured in South Dakota Magazine

Peterson's photos featured in South Dakota Magazine The bridge between Vermillion and Newcastle, NE, gives South Dakotans a new look at the Missouri River and their home state.

The view from Mullberry Bend, five miles south of Vermillion, is featured in a July/August South Dakota Magazine photo essay, "The Missouri from Mulberry Bend," by Jim Peterson of Vermillion. Peterson is a retired USD professor and a self-described "river rat," whose second home is the Missouri River.

The overlook, built on the Nebraska bluff above the new bridge, provides perhaps the grandest view anywhere of the "untamed river," and of southeastern South Dakota all the way to Spirit Mound. Except for stretches of armored shore, here is a remaining glimpse of river Lewis and Clark might recognize.

"One can see miles of river in the Mulberry and North Alabama Bends," Peterson writes. "In the outer curve of the river to the west is the sandy delta where Lime Creek joins the Missouri after tumbling down from the Nebraska hills. Looking downstream from this vantage point some 200 feet above the river, one sees the lower aspect of Mulberry Bend as the Missouri ricochets off the Nebraska bluff and arcs northeast to Vermillion Bend. On the South Dakota side of the bend, the shore is laden with a jumble of broken concrete, remnants of The University of South Dakota's former Inman Stadium."

Peterson's essay is accompanied by a few of his many photographs of the river.

South Dakota Magazine is a statewide magazine, published bimonthly in Yankton.

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