Pulpit Reflections

Pulpit Reflections by Stewart Lozenzy "Stop!" I yelled, freezing Thad in place just a split second before the car whizzed passed him. Another step or so and he would have been right in its path. I quickly escorted my scared and shaken 10-year-old son back on to the curb. "Daddy, you yelled at me," he said in a sobbing little voice. "Yes, son, I did yell, I wanted to keep you from being hurt."

It seemed as though Thad was more upset by his father's tone of voice than he was about the near miss by the car.

In my walk with God over the years I have found that sometimes there have been circumstances allowed in my life that are like a father yelling for his son to stop before the hurt can happen. If I freeze right there and go no further, I will be able, with his help, to change my course and avoid a lot of pain and sorrow.

Sometimes we simply tune God out, or try to help God out and then we wonder why we are in the kind of stressful, uncomfortable situation that we now find ourselves in. If we could only learn to listen to the still small voice.

Abraham was given the promise of a son and he tried to be patient, but finally he agreed to help God out by taking Hagar the maid into his bed in order to bear a son. The jealousy, pain, and anguish that plagued that home was a result of not doing things God's way. Later he was asked to sacrifice the son of promise that had come to him through Sarah. God was seeing if Abraham was willing to obey this time. Did Abraham trust God? This must have seemed like a "yell" from God but as Abraham obeyed, God provided the sacrifice and spared young Isaac.

God now truly held first place in Abraham's heart. He would do things God's way regardless of the personal sacrifice it may require.

Wouldn't it be wonderful when life is all said and done and we face the judgement seat of heaven that it would be recorded in the book of life that God won first place in your heart?

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