South Dakota and Cellular One launch designated driver campaign

South Dakota and Cellular One launch designated driver campaign "Who's your DD?" That's the message South Dakotans will begin to see and hear on Monday, June 28, as the Department of Public Safety launches its summer campaign cracking down on drunk driving.

The ads encourage individuals to identify designated drivers and to use cell phones to call them if they've had too much to drink.

"Following statewide research, we realized that our target audience almost always has a cell phone with them, and they often plan ahead before they go out," said Public Safety Secretary Tom Dravland. "We want to change behavior, remind South Dakotans to be safe after drinking, and ultimately save lives."

The "Who's your DD" television campaign will run from June 28 through July 4 on cable channels across the state. In addition, the Department of Public Safety is partnering with local businesses to drive the message home to their customers. Participating businesses will hang posters, display table tents and ask staff to wear buttons promoting the theme.

"Last year, nearly 43 percent of the 94 people killed in alcohol related fatalities were between the ages of 18 and 34," said Roy Meyer, Office of Highway Safety director. "That's one of the main reasons why we have decided to target this age group with the 'Who's your DD?' message."

"People go out to have a good time and some drive after drinking," said Dravland. "But we need to understand that this can come at a high cost. Something as simple as a phone call to a friend can prevent a tragic outcome."

The Department of Public Safety's mission is to keep South Dakota a safe place to live, work, visit and raise a family. Visit http://stage.state. for more information about the department.

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