Spirit Mound trail designated

Spirit Mound trail designated On June 5, the Secretary of Interior announced the 2004 National Recreational Trails designations. Spirit Mound Summit Trail was among the 27 new trails to earn that distinction.

National Recreational Trails may be designated by either the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture to recognize exemplary trails of local and regional significance. Only three trails in South Dakota have received this recognition.

The George S. Mickelson Trail twists through the Black Hills, spanning 114 miles. It was also designated in 2004. The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Trail was designated in 2002. It is located along the Missouri River in Pierre and Fort Pierre and links over 30 miles of trails with approximately 50 historic, cultural, and recreational sites.

The Spirit Mound Summit Trail is less than one mile long. However it offers visitors a chance to glimpse a beautiful tall grass prairie, with its fauna and flora, and to stand where Lewis and Clark once walked.

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