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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Calendar of events

Tuesday, July 6

8:30 a.m. � Senior Mens' Fun League registration and coffee.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start (approximate).

11:30 a.m. � Lunch (approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Wednesday, July 7

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon, and card activities begin.

8:30 a.m. � Tee off (approximate).

Noon � Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. � Cards.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start (approximate).

Thursday, July 8

8 and 9 a.m. � Junior golf (lesson times have been assigned).

2:30 p.m. � Registration for regular men's league (be prompt).

3 p.m. � First session shotgun tee-off (get to your tee box assignment).

6 p.m. � Second session shotgun tee-off.

Friday, July 9

9 a.m. � Junior golf lessons.

Social Night � everyone is welcome.

5 p.m. � Happy hour.

6 p.m. � Tee offs.

Hole #15 is a challenge

This week the Wednesday Evening Ladies League host team was the Iron Maidens on a beautiful night for golf. They awarded pin prizes for closest to the pin on #12, which was won by Nancy Scheidel, inside the rope on #15 (as if the hole wasn't challenge enough � see below), won on a draw by Kellie Heine, and the longest putt on #18, won by Amy Hammerstrom.

As usual, the scores on the back 9 were not as low as the front. However, several women had very good scores with the low gross being shot by Wendy Johnson with a 40. Other scores worth mentioning were a 41 by Sheri Ellis and 43 by both Mary Gauer and Sheila Prosser.

Shooting just a tad higher than Sheila and Mary, Lois Hazen had the low new score with a 28 (44-16). A number of birdies were also carded this week.

Helping Sheila Prosser to her great score were a pair of birdies, one on #11 and one on #13. Hole #12 also yielded to birdies � one to Amy Hammerstrom and one to Nancy Scheidel (pays to be close to the pin).

Playing the back 9 is always a challenge. On this evening it appeared that #15 was the toughest hole, giving a number of players a tough time. Individual scores on #15 are given below with the number of players getting that score in parentheses: 9 (5); 10 (3); 11 (1); 12 (1); 13 (1); 16 (1). Hopefully a good time was still had by all, at least on the other 8 holes!

48 seniors enjoy great weather

The weather was nice for 48 seniors on June 29 and good scores resulted. There were 11 birdies this date.

Our winners this date tied the season best score on the front nine with an impressive offering of 33, a 3 under par. We congratulate Pete Berglund, Van Pierce and Tim O'Connor for this fine effort.

Our other prize winners were, at 34, Ross Johnson, Rich Morse and Dave Zimmer; at 35, Mo Marcotte, Louie Fostvedt and Joe Conroy, along with Harlan Schott, Ray Mount and Gene Iverson; at 37, Ken Beringer, Howard Connors and Jerry Johnson; followed by three teams at 38, David Bak, Vern Holter and Berwyn Svoboda, along with Dave Raabe, Jack Doyle, Quentin Oleson and Dick Gregory, and the team of Turk Pilker, Mel Marcotte, Ray Lynn and Don Bensen.

We were pleased to greet Bob Boone, a new resident of The Bluffs area, to our seniors fun golf. We hope to see you often, Bob.

Shot-of-the-day awards go to Cleland Cook for his 25-foot birdie putt on #3, and to Vern Holter for his 24-foot par putt on #2 and finally to Jerry Johnson for his 21-foot birdie putt on #6.

Our next scheduled day at The Bluffs is Tuesday, July 6. See you there.

Men's league weekly report

On June 24 with slight breezes and temps in the low 80s the sixth week of league play was contested on the front nine at The Bluffs.

The course appeared slightly benign as there were nearly 40 birdies, as well as an eagle registered during the day.

Results for the week in the American division had best scores for Bogeys 4-ever with 16.5 points, while First National and West Side Inn both had 16. Playing summer rules seems to have little effect on the league scoring on the tournament ready course.

Low individual scratch score of 36 went to Danny Johnson (net 28). Jeff Hammerstrom had a one under par 37; and Mike Wettstein had two rounds of 39 each. Don Harris also recorded a 39; Tom Schaack had a 40.

There were 15 birdies reported in the division for the day, with Johnson recording three of them, and Randy Houska with two.

The National division had three teams with very high point scores: Still Smokin' � 19.5; Texas Roadhouse � 19; and PIK� 18 � each of whom maintained or bettered their places in the standings.

Several players had scratch scores under 40, with a 34 (net 32) for Nick Hovden who birdied #2 and Eagled #6. Ryan Baedke was at 1 under par 35, and 36s were claimed by Jon Dimmick and Chris Mikkelson; Scott Hansen was at 38; and Ellis Jensen carded a 39.

Twenty-two birdies were reported, three for Baedke, while Hansen, Mikkelson, and Dimmick each had two.

Midseason standings:


Char Bar 86

Westside Inn 84.5

First National 79.5

Quality Motors 75.5

Sons of Thunder 70.5

LBA 69.5

Community First Ins. 68.5

Hy-Vee 68.5

Doctor's Orders 66.5

Bogeys 4 Ever 65

Ace Hardware 61

Pro's 59

Sandtrappers 58.5

The Leftovers 53.5


Serious Six 88

Texas Roadhouse 85.5

Recuerdo's/Miller Lite 81

Multiple Putts 80.5

Bluff Boys 77

Alkota 75

Still Smokin' 74.5

PIK 73

Eagles 63.5

Grave Diggers 61

Coldwell Banker 59

Gassen's Gang 56.5

Bogey + 46.5

Divots 45

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

June 23, 2004

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Now We Are Fore 30 35 85.71%

2. RN�s 30 35 85.71%

3. Augusta Gals 28 35 80.00%

4. Iron Maidens 26 35 74.29%

5. Bertha�s Babes 25.5 35 72.86%

6. Mollies Follies 19 30 63.33%

7. Environmental Hazards 18 30 60.00%

8. Lopez Sisters 15 25 60.00%

9. Chix with Sticks 20.5 35 58.57%

10. First National Bank 20.5 35 58.57%

11. Lucky Shots 17 35 48.57%

12. Whatever 14 30 46.67%

13. Tee�d Off 15 35 42.86%

14. Pinnacle�s (The) 13 35 37.14%

15. Rough Riders 13 35 37.14%

16. Golf Bags 10.5 35 30.00%

17. Sand Yappers 10 35 28.57%

18. TBA 10 35 28.57%

19. Wedgies 8 30 26.67%

20. Par-Tee Girls 7 30 23.33%

21. Lucky Ladies 0 30 0.00%

Ladies enjoy

perfect golf day

Finally, a perfect day for golf on June 23 � beautiful blue sky, no rain and just enough breeze to scare the bugs away.

Karine Amundsen and Darlene Engbrecht paired 20 golfers to play for puttless score.

Awards were Jane Uhl, 28; Helen Brown, 32; Karine Amundsen, 33; Edith Nelson, 34; Meryl Reed, 38; Dorothy Dolmen, 38; � Joanne Barringar, Jan Uhl, and Mary Lee Hennies all had 39.

Perhaps we�d all play better golf if we kept more than 300 separate thoughts in our mind during our swing � always fun though!

Cherry Street Grille again pleased 44 bodies with baked potato bar with trimmings. Lynn Hatle, Judy Gregoire and Annita White served yummy chocolate bars.

Jeanne Van Balen had charge of the meeting and welcomed our guest, Carol Padmore.

The $5 drawing went to Pat Berglund and Peg Amant. A bouquet of flowers and three bags of cherries went to Lynn Brown, Judy Gregoire and Doris Mitchel � donated by Meryl Reed.

Dorothy Reed had charge of bridge. The sign up prize went to Deannie Christopherson. Glennis Stewart won high and to honor Father�s Day, the prize went to Pat Berglund, whose youngest son was a father. Traveling prize for when you went out the last time went to Meryl Reed.

Dominoes had 14 players with Dody Eickes, chairman. Low�s � Lynn Hatle, 238; Karine Amundsen, 235; High�s � Lynne Brown, 415; Fritz Lefler, 435; and Arlis Meisenholder, 382. Lynn Hatle went out seven times and Fritz Lefler was caught with double aught twice.

Come join in our afternoon fun time. You�re always welcome.

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