Vermillion School District to charge for optional bus service

Vermillion School District to charge for optional bus service The Vermillion School Board has agreed to charge a fee for optional bus service beginning with the 2004-05 school year.

This policy has been adopted as the board searches for ways to help alleviate the general fund budget deficit through cost cutting measures and seeking additional revenue sources.

Families with children who reside within a five-mile radius of their school will be charged a $50 fee per child per semester to ride the school bus. Families with more than two children attending the Vermillion School District will be charged no more than $100 per semester.

Children who reside outside the five-mile radius may ride the bus without charge. Also, passes will be provided at no charge for families who qualify for free meals.

South Dakota law does not require school districts to transport children within a five-mile radius of their principal attendance center (school). Therefore, transportation within this five-mile radius is considered optional service. This area includes the city of Vermillion.

Children who wish to use the optional bus service will need to show their pass to the driver when they board the bus. The boarding passes will have a clip to attach to children's book bags or coats.

Families are encouraged to purchase the boarding passes at the Vermillion School District Administrative Services Building during registration days of Aug. 16-17.

Individuals who have questions about the optional bus service or any matter regarding the transportation system are encouraged to call 677-7000.

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