Vermillion U-18 Irish lose tough battles

Vermillion U-18 Irish lose tough battles by Jim Prosser The Vermillion U-18 Irish softball team encountered the River City Flyers in a four-hour doubleheader marathon on July 6 at Riverside Park in Yankton.

Both games were extra-inning affairs which ended with the home team prevailing by one run � 7-6 and 17-16.

In the first game, the Irish held a 5-1 lead in the mid-third inning when starter Sandy Bouck ran into a little control problem. After three straight walks, she gave up a double, resulting in a five-run flury before the dust cleared.

Vermillion came up with a run in the fifth and the score remained tied 6-6 until the international extra inning routine was applied and Yankton scored to end the game.

Line score: Flyers � 7 runs, 6 hits, 0 error, 11 lob; Irish � 6 runs, 8 hits, 1 error, 6 lob.

Scoring for Vermillion were: Collette Joy � 2 for 4, two runs, one rbi; Erin Corner � 0 for 2, two walks, one run; Whitney Tolsma � 2 for 4, one run, four rbis; Brittney Campbell � 1 for 2, one run; and Paige Prosser � 1 for 2, one run.

Game two was a real barnburner with the scoring lead changing nearly every half inning (including a six-run exchange in the fifth and seventh).

The Irish took a three-run lead into the bottom of the seventh but the Flyers tied it 12-12 with three runs and the game went into extra innings again. Each team scored two runs in the eighth, but a two-run advantage for the Irish in the ninth was not enough since Yankton plated three to end the exciting night of great challenging efforts by both teams.

Tolsma suffered the loss with the line score: Vermillion � 16 R, 15 H, 6 E, 15 LOB; Yankton � 17 R, 10 H, 2 E, 15 LOB.

The offense stats for the Irish: Joy � 2 for 6, one run, one rbi; Corner � 1 for 5, one run, one rbi; Kelsie Austin � one run on 1 for 4 hits; Tolsma � 4 for 5, three runs, three rbis; Bouck � 2 for 5, one run, one rbi; Campbell � 2 for 4, four runs; Paige Prosser � 3 for 4, two runs, five RBIs; Brooke Nelson � 0 for 2, two walks, one run, one rbi; Megan Deaver (who was on base five times with walks) three runs.

The team's season record becomes 10 wins, 5 losses.

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