Volin weaver’s story featured in South Dakota Magazine

Volin weaver's story featured in South Dakota Magazine Grete Bod�gaard is "a citizen of the word, but she has woven the prairie into her life," says managing editor Jerry Wilson in his story "Norwegian Warp and South Dakota Woof" in the July/August issue of South Dakota Magazine.

Bod�gaard was born in 1946 amidst the ruins of post-way Norway. She has lived in Denmark, England and the United States, has studied textile weaving in more than a dozen countries, and still takes nourishment from Norwegian roots. But in South Dakota, her flower blooms. She and her husband, filmmaker Charles W. Nauman, live and produce their art in the former bank building in the small Yankton County town of Volin.

In a state blessed with scores of painters, potters and sculptors, tapestry weavers are rare, especially those who live by their art. Bod�gaard has experimented with many media � silversmithing, pottery, painting, beadwork and bookmaking. But weaving is her artistic home, and her range is broad.

She has woven utilitarian rugs and fine tapestries, restored ancient textiles and designed modern clothes. Her looms range from a behemoth that fills a room to miniatures that fit in her purse.

"I just have to be work with my hands," she said. "When I go to museums, it's hard for me not to touch things."

Among other things, Bod�gaard touches hearts as a S.D. Art Council artist in the schools and in the state's juvenile detention facilities.

South Dakota Magazine is a statewide magazine, published bimonthly in Yankton.

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