Walleye regulation changes

Walleye regulation changes Walleye minimum size limits on Lakes Sharpe, Francis Case and the Missouri River below Fort Randall Dam downstream to the South Dakota/Nebraska border end June 30, and will not become effective again until Sept. 1.

Anglers also need to remember that the regulation of one walleye of 18 inches or longer is still in effect on these waters during July and August.

Missouri River Fisheries Administrator Jim Riis said one reason the size limits are removed during July and August on lakes Sharpe and Francis Case is to allow some harvest of smaller walleyes.

The daily walleye limit on these reservoirs is three with a possession limit of eight.

Anglers targeting Lake Oahe will not find any changes after June, because every fish from their six-fish limit can be shorter than 15 inches. However, an angler may only have four fish 15-inches-or-longer, and of those four, no more than one may be 20 inches or longer.

The six-walleye daily limit is only applicable to Lake Oahe. The possession limit on Lake Oahe numbers 18, taken in accordance with the daily limit.

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