Check It Out

Check It Out by Anne Marshall New Adult Fiction

Calcutta-born Tara Chatterjee is taking a journey, a journey to find her heritage. Her search takes her to the family's ancestral village where the history she finds is surprising, sometimes shocking, and has eventual cathartic results. The task she has set herself is to trace the story of her great-great aunt, Tara Lata, who at the age of five was married to a tree in the Indian village of Mishtigunj. Bharati Mukherjee, author of the best-selling book Desirable Daughters, brings readers The Tree Bride, where the collision of cultures, and of past and present ways diverge.

Vincent Lardo, writing for Lawrence Sanders' McNally mysteries, has brought fans new secrets, surprises, and at least one dead body in the most twisted Palm Beach murder case yet. Self-styled impresario and former human cannonball Matthew Hayes rents a luxury villa on famed South Ocean Boulevard only to tear up its swimming pool and tennis court in favor of a grand garden hedge maze.

The local smart set can hardly wait for their invitations to the gala opening of the amazing maze, only to find Matthew's ladylove dead in the center of the garden in McNally's Bluff.

Clay Center, by Phil Condon, is a touching love story, a psychological study of alienation and grief. The timely hero, Miller Silas, struggles to express his simple affections and hold on, against all odds, to his heartfelt ideals.

Dr. Hope Sutton has everything she's always wanted that include a winning career and a man who is not afraid to commit. But all is not as it appears when she finds out her love has been living a double life in Lessons of a Lowcountry Summer, by Rochelle Alers.

Federal Chief Investigator Nick LeRue is an expert on unraveling a crime and he's brought down some of the smoothest operators on Capitol Hill. His commitment to his job though has left him unlucky in love, until ex-girlfriend, investigative journalist Heather Cole, reappears after a long period of silence. Find out if all is as it seems in The Big Secret, by Edgar Award-winning author, Pete Earley.

By 1935, countless vehicles have traversed Route 66, their hum creating a uniquely American song. Most were heading west, but roads stretch in two directions, and in award-winning author Dorothy Garlock's third novel, this fabled highway leads home. Enjoy another premier novel of Americana romance in Song of the Road.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club Chapter-a-Day offers many selections to Internet patrons. Each book will run five days (Monday-Friday), with a new book starting every Monday. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo. The following selections are for the week of Aug. 23.

Audio Book: No selection for this week.

Business: Growing Your Company's Leaders, by Robert M. Fulmer and Jay A. Conger.

Fiction: Something Rising, by Haven Kimmel.

Good News: Oceans Apart, by Karen Kingsbury.

Horror: Jinn, by Matthew B. Delany.

Mystery: Perdition House, by Kathryn R. Wall.

Non-Fiction: America's Women, by Gail Collins.

Pre-Pub: No selection for this week.

Romance: The Wedding Night, by Barbara Dawson Smith.

Science Fiction: No selection for this week.

Teen Book: Francie, by Karen English.

The Online Book Club would love to hear from the Vermillion Public Library patrons. The upcoming book lists can be located at If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the Online Book Club or the new format, please send them your feedback at

Discover New Trails @ Your Library

The Vermillion Public Library is pleased to introduce Kristen Monroe as our new children's librarian. Kristen comes to us from Rapid City where she was the youth services librarian at the Rapid City Public Library.

The Vermillion Book Club meets every last Thursday of the month at the public library and is open to everyone free of charge with copies of the books available at the library. They will hold the next discussion on Aug. 26 for The True Story of Hansel and Gretel: A Novel, by Louise Murphy.

The book club invites you to visit with author Jerry Wilson on Sept. 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the library. Jerry is the author of The American Artery: A Pan American Journey.

The South Dakota Library Network is getting a new catalog system. We are in the process of shifting from PALS to a new program called Aleph. Please be patient with us as we learn the ins and outs of the new system.

Registration for Fall Story Time will begin after Labor Day. Story Time will start the week of Sept. 20. Preschool Story Time is open to all children ages 3 to 6 years. Toddler Story Time is open for all children ages 1 to 3 years. Registration is required and space is limited. For more information, stop by the library or call at 677-7060.

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