Discovery Movement Theatre presents Thumbelina

Discovery Movement Theatre presents Thumbelina Take an enchanting journey into the world of tiny Thumbelina. Discovery Movement Theatre presents this Hans Christian Anderson tale at the Vermillion High School Performing Arts Center on Sunday, Aug. 15 at 2 p.m. and Monday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m.

Thumbelina follows the story of a girl no bigger than a thumb. Her small stature equals big problems when she comes face to face with pesky insects, hungry amphibians, and hoarding rodents. During her adventures, help arrives from unexpected creatures in some frightful places, and hope lies with the handsome Flower Angel King.

Discovery Movement Theatre makes these fantastic fairy tale characters come to life through the inventive use of movement, mask, puppetry, music, mime and spoken words. It is a show of spectacle and beauty with giants on stilts, endearing marionettes, life sized animals, and a 14-foot talking tree.

Discovery Movement Theatre is comprised of local artists and touring performers Brian Begley, Mary Inman (Begley), and Ariel Begley. This family troupe premiered Thumbelina last summer in Sioux Falls and plans to take it on the road in 2005.

Since 1981, Brian and Mary have been entertaining audiences throughout the central United States

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as Discovery Mime Theatre. They have studies under world famous mime Marcel Marceau, hold degrees in theatre, are Artists in Residence at The University of South Dakota, and have toured in the U.S. Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Ariel Begley, the star of Thumbelina, is an accomplished actor with hundreds of mime performances, plays and film roles to her credit � including her role as "Rene" in the Sundance Film Festival award-winning film Baby.

Admission to this professional theatre presentation is $6 for adults and $3 for children and senior citizens. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

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