Gov. Rounds encourages Citizen Preparedness

Gov. Rounds encourages Citizen Preparedness Gov. Mike Rounds has announced that Thursday, Sept. 9, is Citizen Preparedness Day in South Dakota.

Joining together at the South Dakota State Fair, Sept. 4-11, to help South Dakotans become educated about and prepared for a terrorist

attack, will be the Department of Public Safety, Office of Homeland Security, Dakota Citizen Corps, local Red Cross chapters, law enforcement, fire safety and emergency medical services.

"Citizen Preparedness Day brings together a coalition of partners from across the state to make citizen preparedness a priority for every city, every neighborhood and every home in South Dakota," said Gov. Rounds. "We all share the reasonability of Homeland Security, and I am pleased that so many organizations and so many South Dakota leaders are working together to help get this information out into our communities across the state during the State Fair."

South Dakota is planning its activities in collaboration with the official launch of National Preparedness Month at the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 9. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, all 56 state and territorial governors have pledged to mark National Preparedness Month with local events.

South Dakota's group is engaging in different emergency preparedness activities each day during the week long event, including: operative demonstrations, hands-on displays, prize giveaways, and information distribution. South Dakotans can learn more about the ways they can prepare for an emergency, get an emergency supply kit, establish a family communications plan, and become better aware of threats that may impact communities. It will also provide them with several opportunities to volunteer or get first aid or CPR training.

"South Dakotan's involvement in Citizen Prepared-

ness is critical to ensure the

success of homeland security

and the protection of our

great state," said Public

Safety Secretary Tom Dravland. "Everyone needs to participate in educating their families about an emergency so that we are all better prepared, he said. "At the State Fair, we're not just presenting material on how we can protect our citizens. We're presenting South Dakotans with challenge to return home with a greater understanding and to continue promoting hometown security in their own communities throughout the year."

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