Hooks and Shots

Hooks and Shots by Kathy Zander Near Mobridge, walleye fishing is fair. Live bait or plugs are working best in 20-to-30 feet. Walleye, white bass and catfish are being caught from shore.

At Akaska, the walleye bite is fair. Live bait is the best presentation in 30-to-50 feet. Near Gettysburg, walleye fishing is fair. Live bait with a bare hook or a bottom bouncer with spinner work best in 10-to-24 feet. Smallmouth bass, white bass and catfish are still being caught in the major creeks.

On lower Lake Oahe, anglers are experiencing a very good bite from Bush's Landing to the face of the dam on all main lake points. Walleye are averaging 14-to-22 inches. A bottom bouncer with 4-to-6 foot snell moving slow in 15-to-30 feet with half a crawler works best. Catfish are being caught in the creeks. A few salmon are starting to show up at the face of the dam.

On Lake Sharpe, the walleye bite is fair to good in the Pierre area from the bridges down to Antelope Creek. Most fish are running 14 1/2 to 16 inches. Smallmouth bass are biting at West Bend.

Near Chamberlain, walleye fishing is real good in the fast water at Big Bend Dam and above the dam near the grain bins and pump house to West Bend. Fish are being caught using a spinner and bottom bouncer with live bait or with a plug in 12-to-14 feet Near Platte, walleye fishing is fair to good. Anglers are having the best luck in the Platte Creek to Wheeler area in 20 feet using a lindy rig or spinner and live bait. In the Pickstown area, walleye are biting in the fast water below the dam in the morning and evening. Catfish and smallmouth bass are also being caught below the dam. On the lake, walleye are biting from South Shore and north using anything from a spinner and crawler to long lining plugs.

Near Yankton, nice size walleye are being caught using a jig and live bait below the dam. On Lewis and Clark Lake, anglers are catching walleye pulling plugs in 15 feet. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie and catfish are biting above and below the dam. Blue gill are being caught in the marina. On Lake Yankton anglers are catching catfish and largemouth bass.

For more information on fishing: Pollock-West Pollock at 605-889-2448; Mobridge-Bridge City Bait at 605-845-3132; Akaska-Akaska Bait Shop at 605-649-7847; Gettysburg-Bob's Resort at 605-765-2500 or South Whitlock at 605-765-9762; Pierre/Ft. Pierre-Carl's Bait Shop at 605-223-9453; Chamberlain-Allen's at 605-734-5591; Platte-Kuip's Hardware at 605-337-3346; Pickstown-Ft. Randall Bait at 605-487-7760; Yankton-Captain Norm's at 605-665-4271.

For up-to-date information on Lake Oahe boat ramp conditions, visit our Web site at: www.sdgreatlakes.org.

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