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Letters to the editor Reader has reasons not to sign petition

Dear fellow citizens:

I would like to respectfully ask that you not sign the petition that would overthrow the Vermillion city commission's unanimous positive vote to rezone the proposed Wal-Mart location. Or, if you have signed, that you ask the city offices to remove your name. I think there are several very good reasons for this request.

1) The city council did not vote contrary to the large majority opinion of Vermillion citizens, but indeed listened to them carefully. Even the objectors acknowledge that their petition will delay but not stop this re-zoning. Thus having a special election on this issue is a large waste of taxpayer money. Special elections are not cheap.

2) Those who object to the re-zoning decision by the council often claim that Wal-Mart will hurt the friendly small-town atmosphere so many of us enjoy here in Vermillion. About the only reason left to circulate a petition for an election whose outcome we all know will support this rezoning, is to be disagreeable to our fellow citizens and city commission. Somehow this just doesn't seem to fit with talking about maintaining our "small-town friendliness."

3) One of the great lessons we should be learning from our school sport programs is how to be gracious whether we win or lose on a particular issue. Circulating a petition that is sure to be defeated by the voters is not a very good example to our city's youth of how to be gracious to others.

Robert Grossmann


Why did you leave?

To the editor:

I have a question for all of these "out-of-towners" who are writing letters to this paper regarding Wal-Mart.

My question is � If you LOVE Vermillion so much, why did you leave? Some of you call Vermillion your second home. Why didn't you make it your primary home? Could it possibly be job opportunities that Vermillion didn't have to offer? Could it possibly be where you live now has clothing stores, shoes stores, shopping malls, and YES, Wal-Marts? My children also graduated from USD and they left too, probably for the same reasons all of you did. Imagine that.

It is the year 2004 soon to be 2005, come on you "out-of-towners," wake up. It is called positive progress and economic growth.

Once again, the real issue here ? WHY DID YOU LEAVE?

Just curious,

JoAnne Raabe


Vermillion needs to move forward

To the editor:

This is a letter to the individuals who wish to put out a petition to stop the zoning of a track of land in the north part of our city.

I have a question for those pessimistic individuals on what it is going to cost the city for the ballots and time for this special election if it comes to that. Will the tax payers have to pay for this because of a few zealous individuals? Where were these concerned individuals when the Holiday Inn Express located here? I didn't see any concern about the effect it would have on our four other motels in our community. Where were you then?

My wife and I have been residents in the community of Vermillion for the past eight years, and are Inn owners. We were both delighted that the Holiday Inn Express desired to come here. It is a beautiful addition to our community.

We have heard nothing but criticism of the Vermillion Development and Chamber of Commerce in the eight years we have been here. Now that they are on the move and with for economic development within our community, they are receiving a lot of negativism and pessimism about economic growth in our community. I suggest that if you wish to live in Mayberry USA, where time stands still, go look for that place to live.

The majority of our people want and should expect growth and economic development and opportunities. We desperately need within our community a balance of tax burden to be shared by economic growth.

The day of supporting yourself off of college students is slowly coming to an end. We need to move forward and stop relying on our college students for our well being.

Without jobs and economic growth, we cannot have a vibrant growing community.

I applaud Lisa Ketchum for her efforts.

Just thinking out loud,

Dave Raabe


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