Mile markers installed on river

Mile markers installed on river In order to make the Missouri National Recreation River (MNRR) a safer place, the US Army Corps of Engineers has hired a contractor to install mile markers along the 59-mile reach (Gavins Point Dam to Ponca State Park).

The mile markers are carved in 4×4 inch lumber, six feet long. Half-mile markers are being installed on the Nebraska side of the river. Whole mile markers are being installed on the South Dakota side.

One installed, Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates will be taken for the posts and passed on to emergency personnel. These markers will help stranded boaters pinpoint their location, should they need to contact an emergency service.

The Corps sent letters to all the known landowners along this stretch to inform them of this action. However, there may be some landowners that were not contacted. The county land records were used to obtain names and addresses.

"If you see a workboat, loaded with 4×4 lumber, it is the contractor for the mile marker installation. They will be using an auger to make the hole for the mile marker post. The contractor expects to be finished by October 2004," says MNRR Project Manager Becky Latka.

For additional information, please contact Becky Latka at 402-211-4602 or Becky Otto at 402-221-3070.

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