New ACT Web site devoted to students

New ACT Web site devoted to students ACT has launched, a new Web site for students taking the college admissions exam. The new site features information that changes according to the needs the student has during the school year.

"Students need clear information when preparing for college and for admissions tests," said Jon Erickson, vice president-educational services. "We have worked to make the information friendly and easy-to-find. We know that this time is stressful for students and we want to make sure they have access to information that will make the process as easy as possible."

ACT has organized the material on the Web site based on experience with students' Web site visits and knowledge of the questions they ask ACT staff. The information at will change, anticipating students' needs as they register for the test, prepare for the test and use the test scores after taking the test.

"Students ask a lot of question, like what kind of calculator can be used. We've put the answers to these popular questions in easy-to-find locations," Erickson said.

Services and information at include:

* Online registration, early scores and score reporting.

* Information about the ACT (test dates, deadlines, content of the test, etc.).

* Free test prep questions and information.

* College search and online applications.

* Financial aid need estimator.

* The ACT Store, which features electronic and paper test prep products.

* Additional college planning information, including Student Stories.

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