State applies for $2 million grant to aid entrepreneur efforts

State applies for $2 million grant to aid entrepreneur efforts Gov. Mike Rounds has announced today that the state, in partnership with the South Dakota Enterprise Institute, applied for a $2 million grant from the Kellogg Foundation to help enhance entrepreneurship opportunities in South Dakota.

"Enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities is a critical component of our 2010 Initiative," said Gov. Rounds. "Entrepreneurs and small businesses are essential to our economy. As a state, we must be extremely pro-active in our efforts to help potential business owners get started. If South Dakota is successful in obtaining this grant, the money will go a long way towards helping us achieve our goals," he said.

Gov. Rounds said that the South Dakota Enterprise Institute submitted the grant on behalf of the state and several organizations that have collaborated to make the process a success.

Organizations involved include: South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, Agricultural Innovations Partners, Small Business Innovative Research, South Dakota Rural Development Council, Black Hills Vision and Rediscovering the Seventh Direction.

"I am most impressed that organizations from all across the state have come together to recognize the importance and value of entrepreneurialism in our state," Rounds said.

Final awards will be announced in March 2005.

Visit www.2010initiative. com/ for more information about the 2010 Initiative.

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