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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Ladies' putters were hot

Aug. 4 was another good day for golf and 17 ladies took advantage of it. Karine Amundsen and Pat Pratt had charge of the golf and the game for the day was putts. The best or luckiest putter with the lowest score won.

Winners were Pat Pratt and Karine Amundsen with 18 each (how about that they had charge?) Four with 19 putts were Carol Clodfelter, Helen Brown, Pat Stecklberg and Joan Holter.

Cherry Street Grille served a chicken casserole to 39 ladies who were very pleased with the dessert, a four-layer dessert served by Dorothy Reed and Karen Benson. They may serve the same again next week, several ladies thought.

Mary Bartles, who was in a very peppy mood, chaired the meeting. We were happy to have two guests Karlie Dold from Arizona, a guest of Anita White and Sarah Brown. It was good to have Sarah again, she used to be a regular player.

Congratulations were sung to Reidella Engman for her 65th wedding anniversary. Happy Birthday was sung to Meryl Reed for her 90th birthday.

The $5 winner was Deannie Christopherson. Ann Stewart's name was drawn for the second $5 but was absent so that $5 will hold over until next week.

There were three tables of bridge and Robin Eisenmenger won the registration prize. Meryl Reed won for guessing closest to her score. High went to Reidella Engman. First to make a slam were Jan Uhl and Doris Mitchell.

There were 15 domino players at three tables. Traveling prize went to Venetta Youngworth. Low went to Babe Hurowitz, Mary Bartels and Anita White. High went to Ardyce Meisenholder, Eileen Turner, Darlene Engbrecht and guest player Karlie Dold from Arizona.

Mary Bartles had charge and here are a couple of her quips: I'm a marvelous housekeeper, every time I leave a man, I keep the house.

Old age is no place for sissies � (I agree).

Men's league weekly report

The 11th week of regular league play on Aug. 5 used the back nine tee boxes. The weather was hot and so was the golf as several players had scores less than 40 (including a 33).

Results for the week in the American division show best team scores for Sons of Thunder who picked up 18 legitimate points; and 16.5 for both West Side Inn and Hy-Vee.

Low individual scratch score of 33 belongs to John Hemingway with Dave Chickering recording 37 and Mike Wettstein 38. Brent Yaeger had a 41 (net 30). Also scoring 41s were Joe Villalobos and Harlan Schott.

There were 12 birdies reported for the day with Hemingway having four of those, along with Mike Stewart and Danny Brown who each recorded two. Chickering scored an eagle 3 on #18.

The National division pretty much kept up the reshuffling of the top eight teams in the standings as Texas Roadhouse was among high scorers with 18.5 points to move from fourth place to first; and PIK's 18 points left them in fifth, up two notches from seventh. Still Smokin and Gravediggers (with 19.5 points) exchanged spots.

Clark Lewison and Nick Hovden each carded a 37; Scott Isaak and Bob Boone were at 38; Scott Hansen, Dave Geise and Ron Johnson each scored 39s (Johnson had lowest net � 32).

Nine birdies were reported for the day. No one had more than one per round.

The standings follow below:


Westside Inn 159.5

Char Bar 157.5

Hy-Vee 146

First National 140.5

Quality Motors 140

Sons of Thunder 130.5

LBA 125.5

Pro's 116

Sandtrappers 115

Ace Hardware 112.5

Bogeys 4 Ever 112

Doctor's Orders 110.5

The Leftovers 103

Community First Ins. 102.5


Texas Roadhouse 148.5

Serious Six 146

Multiple Putts 145

Bluffs Boys 144.5

PIK 142

Recuerdo's/Miller Lite 141.5

Grave Diggers 138.5

Still Smokin' 138

Alkota 129

Eagles 111

Bogey + 106.5

Coldwell Banker 103

Gassen's Gang 100.5

Divots 77

Seniors sink

long putts

Forty senior golf enthusiasts showed up on a cool, windy Aug. 10 morning. Guests today included Roger Heirigs, Jim Zimmerman, and Ralph Ramsey. Good golf brought 12 birdies.

Low score was claimed by the team of Ross King, Ron Turner and Roger Heirigs with two birdies and a score of 34.

Following with a 36 was the team of Ivan Pierce, Ken Beringer and Quentin Oleson � also with two birdies.

Next at 37 were the teams of Mo Marcotte, Cleland Cook and Vern Christensen; and Lloyd Helseth, Howard Connors and Jim Zimmerman.

Coming in with a 38 were Turk Pilker, Berwyn Svoboda and Max Andersen. Four teams scored a 39 but only two were winners on the basis of the tie-breaker. First was Dave Bak, Pat Boyle and Maurice Erickson; and Jerry Johnson, Gene Iverson, Dick Gregory and Duncan McGregor.

A number of particularly good shots were made. Those worthy of recognition were Rollie French with a 50-foot birdie putt on #5, Roger Heirigs with a 42-foot birdie putt on #2 and Jim Reed with a 40-foot birdie putt on #5.

The chip of the day went to Don Baer for a 64-foot chip from the rough on hole #2.

Play will begin at 8:30 a.m. sharp next Tuesday, Aug. 17. Pairings will take time so please be at The Bluffs by 8 a.m. if possible.

Calendar of events

Tuesday, Aug. 17

Senior Men's Fun League plays early today!

7:30 a.m. � Registration with coffee and donuts.

8:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

1 p.m. – Vermillion Chamber of Commerce "Chamber Day."

2 p.m. � Four-person scramble (shotgun start).

8 p.m. � Evening meal.

Wednesday, Aug. 18

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon, and card activities begin.

8:30 a.m. � Tee off.

Noon � Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. � Cards.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, Aug. 19

2:30 p.m. � Registration for regular men's league (be prompt).

3 p.m. � First session shotgun tee-off.

6 p.m. � Second session shotgun tee-off.

Friday, Aug. 20

5 p.m. � Weekly social and golf (come out and join in the fun and food).

Saturday, Aug. 21

Membership Appreciation Day

3 p.m. � Golf outing (shotgun start).

5:30-6:30 p.m. � Social hour.

6:30-8:30 p.m. � Free food (BBQ chicken, smoked beef and all the fixins).

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