USD physician’s assistant program receives funding

USD physician's assistant program receives funding Sen. Tom Daschle has announced that The University of South Dakota will receive a grant of $95,548 from the Health Resources and Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The funding is awarded as part of the Physician's Assistant Training in Primary Care program. It will help the university continue its physician's assistant training programs. Physician's assistants are medically trained professionals who work under the supervision of physicians and provide patients with the same type of services that a physician usually provides.

"Physician's assistants across the state of South Dakota provide patients with a high quality of medical care," Daschle said. "They are especially important to rural communities, where there is often a shortage of physicians. The University of South Dakota training program has been instrumental in making high-quality evaluation and treatment a reality in the state, and it's my hope that this grant will help the faculty and staff continue to improve their educational efforts."

The Health Resources and Services Administration seeks to improve and expand access to quality health care, eliminating barriers to care and health disparities for all Americans.

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