Vermillion, Yankton Rotarians exchange

Vermillion, Yankton Rotarians exchange Members of the Rotary Club of Yankton were guests of Vermillion Rotarians Tuesday noon, Aug. 3 for the first half of a club exchange between the two organizations. Here Bob Cappel, president of the Yankton club, presented Kent Scribner, Vermillion president, with a club banner. The exchange was possible because both clubs meet regularly on Tuesdays. The Vermillion club will visit Yankton sometime in 2005. USD President James W. Abbott was guest speaker for the occasion, which was held at the Vermillion club's regular meeting place in the Al Neuharth Media Center. Having lived most of his life in either Yankton or Vermillion, Abbott emphasized the commonality between the two communities and stressed ways in which The University of South Dakota impacts and is impacted by Yankton. The Rotary Club of Yankton helped organize its Vermillion counterpart in November of 1943, and the late USD president I.D. Weeks was the first Vermillion president. Both clubs currently have about 60 members. The Yankton-Vermillion exchange comes during the centennial year of Rotary International, which currently includes 1.2 million members from over 31,000 clubs in 166 countries. Rotary clubs have traditionally been heavily involved in philanthropic projects both in their own communities and around the world. The most visible international project has been Rotary International's partnership with the World Health Organization of the United Nations and the U.S. Center for Disease Control in virtually wiping out the scourge of polio world wide.

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