Addiction recovery celebrations planned

Addiction recovery celebrations planned South Dakota alcohol and drug treatment programs, along with the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, are celebrating the 15th Annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

During the month of September, several events will take place around the state to highlight the strides made in substance abuse treatment and to educate the public that addiction is a treatable chronic public health problem that affects us all.

Area events include:

* University of South Dakota is sponsoring a media campaign and PSAs Sept. 12-18.

* City/county alcohol and drug programs are sponsoring a power point presentation on local and national statistics Oct. 5

Substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders are major health problems that affect thousands of South Dakota residents of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds from all South Dakota communities, having a huge medical, societal and economic cost.

As many as 17,000 South Dakotans with chemical dependency issues sought treatment this past year, many of which have co-occurring disorders.

Outcome data collected by Mountain Plains Research on South Dakota clients who were publicly funded assessed five benefit areas based on 1,000 persons followed 12 months post treatment. This data revealed the following:

* South Dakota clients who are publicly funded shows that 43.9 percent were abstinent in a 12-month follow-up survey;

* About two thirds (67.7 percent) of clients were employed before treatment and 90.9 percent were employed 12 months post-treatment;

* Another employment factor utilized was the number of days lost working per year. Before treatment, 40.8 days of missed work per year. During the year following treatment, the number of missed days at work was only 14.4. With a $20,000 annual salary that is a cost factor of about $77 per day;

* The criminal justice costs add to the cost-benefit of treatment because of the high arrest rate of a person with a substance abuse problem. Before treatment 75 percent of the clients had been arrested, but the percent of clients arrested during the year post treatment was significantly less at 18.5 percent; and

* Substance abuse and health care is another area that benefits. Before treatment clients had 3.3 days of hospitalizations compared to only 1.8 days per year after treatment.

For more information contact the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at (605) 773-3123 or toll free at (800) 265-9684 or visit and .

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