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Check It Out by Anne Marshall Showcased Book of the Week

The Vermillion Public Library Book Club will be hosting a visiting author for the month of October, Marjorie Weinberg, who has written The Real Rosebud: The Triumph of a Lakota Woman. Weinberg will be our guest on Oct. 28 to discuss her book and in conjunction with the Institute of American Indian Studies 50th anniversary celebration.

This story begins with Rosebud's grandfather, White Thunder, later named Yellow Robe, who was a member of the Brule Sioux Tribe. Rosebud's father, Kills In The Woods, was sent to an Indian school in Carlisle, PA, where he was renamed Chauncey.

In later life he had a distinguished career as an educator and proponent of Native American culture. In 1906 he married Lillian Belle Springer, whose family had emigrated from Switzerland. They became the parents of three daughters, of whom Rosebud was the eldest.

Following Rosebud Yellow Robe's early life and education in Rapid City, she attended The University of South Dakota. In 1927 she moved to New York where she became involved in various radio and theatrical events. Eventually she became director of the Jones Beach Indian Village.

The village was a magnet for children where they experienced Native American crafts, story telling, and games. Rosebud directed this program until 1950.

In 1989, Rosebud was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by The University of South Dakota. The late General Lloyd Moses presented the doctoral hood and degree.

Copies of the book are available for sign out from the Vermillion Public Library, free of charge or may be purchased at the W.H. Over Museum gift shop.

New Adult Fiction

Award-winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear are back to spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries in the world, the Kennewick Man. This discovery of a Caucasioid male mummy dating back more than 9,000 years was found in the Pacific Northwest on the banks of the Columbia River.

Their latest novel in a series, People of the Raven tells of animals and humans struggling for survival amidst the massive environmental changes of the time.

New York bestselling author, Harold Robbins is back with another hallmark bestseller. In The Betrayers, Nick Cutter crosses oceans and continents as he conquers the world's gambling and liquor markets, only to risk everything for the love of a woman. This book is full of ruthless characters, international intrigue, and glamorous settings.

Kate Wilhelm is the bestselling author of dozens of novels and short-story collections. Her latest mystery, The Unbidden Truth, follows Barbara Holloway, a tough, tenacious attorney as she attempts to anticipate bizarre twists to defend a young woman accused of murder.

These and many more bestselling reads are ready for check out and are located on the new book shelves of the library.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club Chapter-a-Day offers many selections to Internet patrons. Each book will run five days (Monday through Friday), with a new book starting every Monday. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo.

The Online Book Club would love to hear from the Vermillion Public Library patrons. The upcoming book lists can be located at

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the Online Book Club or the new format, please send them your feedback at

Discover New Trails @ Your Library

If you ordered the VPL book Women and Wine: The Making of the Vermillion Public Library in a Man's World, 1903-2003, please pick up your copy at the library. There are still copies available for purchase. This publication would make a great Christmas gift for that special reader!

The Vermillion Book Club meets every last Thursday of the month at the public library and is open to everyone free of charge with copies of the books available at the library. They will hold the next discussion on Sept. 30. The book club invites you to visit with Jerry Wilson, author of The American Artery: A Pan American Journey.

This book is a vivid and candid look at the lives and history of people along the great Highway 81 that connects Winnipeg, Canada to Panama, and travels through South Dakota. Wilson, who resides near Wakonda and is also the managing editor of the South Dakota Magazine, details the adventures he found along this major highway.

Banned Books Week will be observed the last week of September and has been observed since 1982. The annual event celebrates Americans' right to read in a democratic country. The library will have a display of banned or challenged books, as well as a special after school book discussion of James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl for children in third through sixth grades.

The discussion has been scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 28 from 3:30 to 4 p.m., followed by a movie from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the community room of the library.

The South Dakota Library Network is getting a new catalog system. South Dakota public libraries and academic libraries are in the process of switching from PALS to a new program called ALEPH. Please be patient with us as we learn the ins and outs of the new system. Patron instruction for ALEPH will be conducted during our Family Night on Nov. 22.

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