Chuck Suchy to perform

Chuck Suchy to perform Songwriter, farmer, and storyteller, Chuck Suchy, will be returning to Vermillion on Saturday, Sept. 11, performing at Heart and Soul's "Upstairs." A Vermillion favorite, Suchy (pronounced "soo-key") provides a refreshing, down-to-earth performance.

Folk Roots Magazine (published in the United Kingdom) calls his music "a magical recipe of story-songs set to the prettiest of acoustic country folk" and adds that he has a "natural grace inspired by love of the land ? an acoustic opportunity to drift away to a simpler lifestyle."

Jim Tarbox of the St. Paul Pioneer Press says Suchy has "an unerring ear for sounds of the prairie ? sounds like my great-aunt and -uncle's Iowa farmhouse smelled � hard-soap/fresh bread/tractor grease ?"

Suchy, from Mandan, ND, is a working farmer, born and raised on the Great Plains. In 1982, an acquaintance gave him a tape of Canadian troubadour Stan Rogers singing his classic Field Behind the Plow.

"It was at that moment," Suchy said, "that I realized that the life I was immersed in was worthy of song."

He began writing his own ballads and songs, and it was soon obvious he was on to something quite unique � sensitive and honest portrayals of contemporary American farm life, but from an insider's point of view.

Suchy's Vermillion performance will be at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for students and Heart and Soul members. Refreshment will be available.

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